“I paid 20 million won for one appearance”… Celebrities also lined up 

“If this is the case, we also said that we should create and grow our own channel. It is expensive, but it is not easy to appear on it.”

This is the confession of a management company official who was looking for YouTube content appearances for publicity recently. Another official also said, “To appear on YouTube content for publicity these days, most of them have to pay for advertising in the name of ‘sponsorship’ or ‘ PPL ’.” hinted that Unless the entertainer who will appear in a cold-hearted way is someone who guarantees more than the average number of views on the channel only with ‘thumbnails’, they have to pay ‘advertising fees’ to appear.

From newly launched TV programs to movies and OTT platform original series, new content is pouring in every day. Strategies to promote this are also being implemented in various ways. Appearing in popular content on YouTube is considered one of the basics. There are not a few actors who feel burdened by showing something in variety programs and telling private stories, but also welcome appearing in YouTube content with a clear concept.

In particular, YouTube content is known to have a clear target and high loyalty from regular subscribers. In addition, it is possible to make more ‘clear’ comments about the works to be promoted, such as dramas, movies, and new entertainment programs.

According to the tally of Research Ad, a digital marketing market research institute, YouTube spent more than 70 billion won on advertising in the domestic video advertising market as of April and May of this year. This is a formidable market share, considering that the second-place Instagram is 20 billion won and Facebook is 10 billion won.

It is said that the level of perfection has reached a level that is not inferior to broadcasting such as terrestrial, cable, and comprehensive channels. ‘Civilization Express’ Jaejae gained word of mouth thanks to his surprisingly meticulous preliminary research, and recently even got a terrestrial radio DJ position. He is running a YouTube channel with the concept of listening to stories. In the case of PD Na Young-seok, who directed

KBS 2TV ‘s ‘1 Night 2 Days’, tvN’s ‘New Journey to the West’, ‘Honeymoon Earth Arcade’, and ‘Seojin’s’, he continued to provide customized YouTube content such as live broadcasts and business trips to 15 Nights through ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’. It is being presented. The number of people going back and forth between broadcasting and YouTube is increasing안전놀이터, but industry insiders shared the common opinion that broadcasting and YouTube have “completely different production mechanisms.” In particular, when producing content with strong ‘promotionality’, the difference becomes even more pronounced. One manager said, “If you appear on a TV station to promote a movie, it’s small, but you get an appearance fee.” “YouTube content is a completely different field, so if you’re close, there are cases where they do it for free, but if not, most of them ‘pay’ the appearance fee. I was doing it,” he said.

Another person in charge hinted, “Recently, I felt the need and did an investigation, and there are cases where the unit price starts at 5 million won and goes up to 30 million won.” . He said, “No matter how much money is given, the person the host wants to do takes priority.” In fact, broadcaster Jang Young -ran said during a meeting on the YouTube channel ‘A-

grade Jang Young-ran’ , which was released on the 18th, “You can use it and remove bad things” and ” You shouldn’t do anything PPL .” Since the YouTube channel has a strong relationship with subscribers and trust is the ‘core’, the purpose is not to carry out excessive publicity against them. However, some YouTube content creators protested, saying, “Isn’t content just created on the fly?” “I can’t help but think about the production costs, such as the appearance fee of the host and staff, labor cost, and location recruitment cost,” he said. Of course, YouTube content performers do not unconditionally pay money to appear. Recruitment is also done as needed.

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