“The Jeonbuk members’ discharge is a betrayal of the people” Shin Won-sik’s Facebook post

Jeonbuk region scouts who participated in the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree Competition’ were dismissed early for poor response to sex crimes, and the ruling party raised the ‘opposition intervention theory’ by mentioning the ‘anti-Korean cartel’.

The issue of early retirement was defined as a’political offensive’ and even used the expression’the worst public betrayal’ to intensively criticize it. It is the worst betrayal of the people, the people of the Republic of Korea, and the people of the world,” he said.

Previously, Kim Tae-yeon, the head of the 먹튀검증900th scouting team of the Jeonbuk Federation, announced that he would leave early at the Jamboree Press Center this morning. Captain Kim said, “At around 5 am on the 2nd, a Thai male leader, estimated to be in his 30s or 40s, entered the women’s shower room in the territory and was discovered. (I reported it to the Jamboree Organizing Committee), but the leader insisted that it only ended with a ‘warning measure’, and even after several days, no measures were taken to protect the victims and to separate them.”

Regarding this, Congressman Shin said, “The organizing committee did not take proper action on sex crimes that occurred within the territory, and injuries to youth members continued to rise due to poor conditions.” , It is as irresponsible and shameless as the landlord’s behavior of leaving the house first, leaving guests behind.”

Rep. Shin also raised the theory of opposition intervention. He said, “I have no choice but to have reasonable doubts about the political background of who instigated such a decision to oppose Korea.” We have launched a full-scale political offensive to mislead.” He went on to warn, “If the opposition parties intervened in the Jeonbuk Federation’s decision to resign early, in a political strategy aimed at next year’s general election, the people will never forgive it.”

Rep. Shin said, “Even after this tournament is over, I hope that the related organizations will thoroughly verify what they have prepared for this world tournament during the 5 years of the Moon Jae-in administration and how they spent the budget exceeding 100 billion won.” I hope you thoroughly investigate whether a huge anti-Korean cartel was behind the act of betraying the people.”

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