‘I laughed at the firepower, but cried at the height’ Korea, defeated by Turkiye, frustrated to advance to the quarterfinals 

They were ahead of Turkiye in attack and defense. However, it showed a big inferiority in height, and it was no longer possible to look higher than the round of 16.

The Korean women’s under-19 youth team (hereinafter referred to as the women’s U19 national team) scored a set score of 2-3 (16 -25, 25-23, 25-20, 21-25, 10-15).

The women’s U19 national team recorded 2 wins and 3 losses in the group stage and advanced to the round of 16 by finishing 4th in Group 메이저사이트D. He recorded three consecutive losses against the United States, Poland, and Japan, but won one win in full sets against Serbia and then won against Mexico with a shutout.

In the face-to-face match against Turkiye, Korea came out with the best lineup. Lee Joo-ah (Mokpo Girls’ High School 2nd, 182cm) scored 22 points, Kim Se-bin (Hanbom High School 3rd, 188cm) 19 points, Shin Eun-ji (Seonmyeong Girls’ High School 3rd, 176cm) 14 points, Kwak Seon-ok (Ilshin Girls’ High School 3rd, 179cm) 14 points. showed

He was ahead with 57-49 in attack scoring, 79-75 in dig, and 103-86 in receiving accuracy, but his height and concentration were disappointing. In blocking, he showed more than double the distance with 12-25, and his offense was 24-19, more than his opponent.

The start was good. Korea blocked the Turkiye attack with blocking and won the first point. Eunji Shin’s serve also shook Turkiye’s receive. She hit a serve ace in 3-1 and succeeded in overpowering the team. In 5-3, Lee Joo-a also scored a serve and scored 6-3, a double score.

The early 3-point gap continued, but Kwak Seon-ok interrupted the Turkiye attack with a single block and increased it to 10-6. As the opponent’s mistake was added, it became 11-6, and Turkiye briefly stopped the game due to a timeout.

However, there were many mistakes in the Korean court, and Turkiye did not miss it. In an instant, the score was tied 12-12, and an offensive error gave them a 12-13 lead. The height of Turkiye revived, and it became 12-17 when it was blocked in a row and served to 12-16.

Korea lost the game due to a timeout, but continued to concede after that, and Lee Ji-yoon’s blocking made up for one point with 13-19. 14-20, Shin Eun-ji’s serve shook Turkiye receiving, and Korea succeeded in scoring consecutively, 16-20. But the walls of Türkiye were high. While Korea was tied at 16 points, Türkiye finished the first set by winning 5 points in a row with blocking.

In the second set, Korea took the lead with an attack and made it 2-0. With the addition of Turkiye’s offense, it ran away to 6-0. Korea’s streak ended at 6-1 when Kwak Seon-ok’s serve led to an error. Maintaining the score gap, Korea went up to double digits first with a score of 10-6. However, after the fast attack was blocked, the gap was narrowed to 11-9 as the serve was dedicated to Turkiye.

It developed similarly to the first set. From the middle of the set, his concentration was disrupted, and he eventually gave up the lead to 12-13. There was a momentary crisis that went up to 15-18, but Shin Eun-ji’s serve was followed as a stepping stone. Not only did they tie the game at 18-18, they continued to score consecutively. Lee Joo-ah’s attack score was 19-18, and Kim Se-bin’s blocking exploded, leading to 20 points at 20-18. Eunji Shin’s serve ended with a score of 21-18.

In 21-18, there was a crisis by giving 4 points in a row, but Jeong Su-ji (Hanbom High 3, 165cm), who was put in in 22-22, took the lead again by recording a sub ace. Following this, Kim Se-bin’s quick attack went up to the set point, 24-22. Here, Kim Se-bin took a period and tied the score 25-23, set score 1-1.

The start of the third set was tight for both teams. There was a moment when the gap widened at 8-10, but following Kim Se-bin’s blocking goal, Shin Eun-ji finished the rally with an attack and overturned the score to 12-11. In addition to this, Turkiye Bumsil was added and it spread to 13-11.

Following the 2nd set, I saw the effect with the water purification card once again. In 15-14, he shook Turkiye’s receive and made a stepping stone to create an attack score, and in 16-14 he hit a sub ace. With the score gap maintained, Korea scored 20-16, first landing on the 20-point high. The blocking score was added to this, and it ran further to 21-16.

Bae Chae-eun (Geunyeong Girls’ High School 2, 180cm), who came in as a substitute, made the score 22-16 with a moving attack, setting the tone for the second half of the set. Korea went up to the set point, 24-18, thanks to Turkiye’s mistake. They gave up two points in a row, but Shin Eun-ji’s offensive score led Korea to take the 2nd and 3rd sets 25-20.

4th set, I couldn’t bring the atmosphere of the previous set. From the start, it went up to 0-3 while recording consecutive offenses. Shin Eun-ji scored the first goal of this set with a block, but no consecutive points were scored. 2-5, Korea ended the long rally and narrowed the score to 3-5.

The two-point gap was not easily narrowed, and after exchanging points one by one, it was 7-10 with Turkiye’s sub score. After taking a breather with a timeout, Korea immediately scored consecutive goals to tie the game at 10-10. Bae Chae-eun’s sub ace was added to this, and he succeeded in reversing 11-10.

However, the lead was immediately taken away, and after a seesaw fight, it became 13-15 due to Korea’s fault. On top of this, Turkiye’s serve score made it 14-17. Kwak Seon-ok was replaced by Jeon Su-min (Geunyeong Girls’ High School 3rd, 177cm) to change the atmosphere, but he was blocked by Turkiye blocking and gave up points.

The score widened to 14-18, but Korea used their serve to solve the game and quickly tied the score at 18-18. Korea, which caught the mood, broke the blocking score and stepped on the 20-point high with a 20-19 reversal. Unfortunately, we were unable to maintain our lead until the end. As the receiving was shaken by the Turkiye serve, he gave the opponent a set point without scoring a single point out of 20 points. Eventually, the match continued into the 5th set.

In the 5th set, Türkiye scored consecutively with the first point and succeeded in suppressing the baseline in the early stages. On the other hand, Korea overturned the score to 5-4 by scoring consecutively with the serve. There was a moment when they briefly gave up the lead to 6-8, but Korea narrowed the score to 8-8 with Kim Da-eun’s sub ace.

At 8 points, the feet were tied again. The attack score did not explode in the invisible room, and it went up to 8-11. The flow was cut off with a timeout, but Turkiye responded with a block and made it 8-12. Maintaining the score difference, Turkiye went up to the match point with 14-9, and the feint attack ended the match for Turkiye.

South Korea was defeated after a close match in full sets, and advancement to the quarterfinals was unfortunately canceled. Starting on the 9th, the 9th-16th place ranking match will begin.

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