‘Evacuation commotion’ when I hear the scream “Kyaa” at Sinnonhyeon Station… Turns out, “Shouting at BTS live broadcast”

At Sinnonhyeon Station on Seoul Subway Line 9, reports of misinformation were received, such as “passengers carrying weapons causing a disturbance,” causing citizens to evacuate. It turns out that the fans watching the group BTS Suga’s live broadcast shouted, and the surprised citizens hurriedly evacuated.

According to the police and firefighting authorities, on the 6th at 8:36 pm on subway line 9 bound for Gimpo Airport, there were about 20 reports of “there is a passenger with a weapon”, “there is a smell of gas” and “people are running and falling”. this has been received

When the train stopped at Sinnonhyeon Station for related measures, passengers hurriedly ran out and fell down the stairs, injuring seven people with abrasions and bruises. After checking the inside of the train, the fire authorities found nothing unusual, and they withdrew after transporting six injured people to the hospital. The other one returned home.

The exact reason why the passengers became agitated was not clear, but various online rumors such as “There was a knife attack” and “Poison gas attack” spread around Sinnonhyeon Station and inside the train.

Afterwards , as the video filmed at the time of the incident spread on social media , the circumstances of the commotion became known. It토토사이트 became a problem that fans on their way home from watching BTS

member Suga’s solo concert held at Case Po Dome in Songpa-gu on the 6th shouted while watching Suga’s SNS live broadcast.

After the concert, Suga revealed his tattoo while communicating with fans through a live broadcast, and the fans who saw it started cheering with excitement.

Netizen A said, “Suga revealed the tattoo during a live broadcast right after the concert, and fans who were returning home on the subway saw it and screamed excitedly.” As the police report was filed, rumors of a gas leak or possession of a knife spread.”

Another netizen, Mr. B, explained, “At around 8:33 pm, Suga revealed his tattoo on a live broadcast, and the fans watching it on the subway screamed.” .

A video was also released on X (formerly Twitter) of fans watching Suga’s broadcast at the time of the incident cheering as a group.

Meanwhile, after the site was cleared, trains resumed normal operation. The police said, “After searching inside and outside the train, no one with a weapon was found.”

Recently, a series of murder cases have occurred at Sillim Station in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, and at Seohyeon Station in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. Due to the heinous social atmosphere, cheers were heard by the citizens as screams. A police official said, “Recent reckless threats online will be regarded as acts of terrorism that cause social unrest and will be dealt with sternly.”


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