Full-scale investigation of the cause of Changwon taxi reverse driving death… “Review of Sudden Acceleration, etc.”

 Various speculations come out about the cause of the taxi chain collision accident that occurred on the 5th at the Seokjeon intersection in Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do.

The police set out to investigate the cause of the accident, leaving all possibilities open, including sudden acceleration and inexperienced driving. Gyeongnam Masan Dongbu Police Station announced on the 8th that it plans to send a taxi accident recorder ( EDR

) to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation on the 11th to check the control status of the vehicle at the time of the accident. Currently, the black box in the taxi is trying to restore the chip due to damage, but it is expected that it will take time to confirm. Looking at the closed circuit ( CC ) TV video of the accident, the taxi driven by taxi driver A ran at a very high speed in the direction of Seokjeon Intersection at the time, hit a car that was스포츠토토 trying to turn right on the opposite side, and then drove into a city bus waiting at the traffic light. received. At that time, a fire broke out when the taxi was half destroyed, and the front wheel of the bus briefly floated in the air and then came down. A taxi driver in his 70s and a passenger in his 50s were killed in the accident, and seven others, including the bus driver, suffered minor injuries.

The taxi was running in the direction of cars going up from the other side, and the taxi was driving in the opposite direction at the time.

The police believe that the taxi caused the accident by driving in the opposite direction at a point where a U-turn is possible ahead of Seokjeon Intersection while coming down Sanbok Road, which is separated by road walls in both directions.

It is also considering the possibility that the taxi suddenly accelerated and turned the steering wheel in the opposite lane to avoid an accident with a vehicle waiting at the traffic light in front of it, resulting in a reverse driving accident.

The police are investigating all possibilities, including sudden acceleration and inexperienced driving.

Since the taxi black box has not yet been restored, it has not been confirmed at what point the taxi accelerated.

At the time of the accident, there has been no report of the black box video of the cars that ran together around the taxi.

For this reason, the police are in a position that they have no choice but to estimate the situation at the time of the accident based on the speed of the vehicle at the time, whether the brake pedal was operated, and the number of engine revolutions through EDR . A

police official said, “This accident is an unusual and different atypical accident, so it seems that it will take more time to identify the cause. ” said.

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