National ‘Kanun’ influence area… Up to 500mm water bomb in Yeongdong, Gangwon (comprehensive)

On the 10th of Malbokin, the whole country fell under the influence of Typhoon Kanun No. 6, and it rained heavily. Up to 500mm of heavy rain falls in Yeongdong, Gangwon Province.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that Kanun would make landfall on the southern coast this morning and then move northward, affecting most areas of the country as a typhoon.

There may be places where it rains 40 to 60 mm per hour in Yeongdong, Gyeongsang, coastal Gyeongsang, inland Gyeongsang, and eastern Jeolla, and around 30 mm per hour in other areas. In Yeongdong, Gangwon Province, there are places where more than 100 mm of rain falls per hour.

Estimated precipitation by the 11th is △ Gangwon Yeongdong 150 ~ 300㎜ (more than 500㎜ in many places) △ Metropolitan area, Gangwon Yeongseo, Chungcheong area, Gyeongsang area, Jeonbuk area 100 ~ 200㎜ △ Gwangju · Jeonnam area 50 ~ 150㎜ or more △ Jeju Island 5 ~ 40㎜ all.

Strong winds with an instantaneous wind speed of around 40 m per second blow in the southeastern coast of Jeonnam and the coast in the Gyeongsang region, and the wind is also very strong in other regions먹튀검증.

In particular, as the typhoon moves north, there may be places where very high waves with swells cross breakwaters or coastal roads along the entire coast, so be careful in coastal lowlands.

The lowest temperature was predicted to be 23 to 25 degrees and the highest temperature to be 25 to 29 degrees.

According to the Meteorological Administration’s regional detailed observation data ( AWS ), the temperature in major cities as of 6:06 am on the same day △Seoul 22.8 degrees △Incheon 23.6 degrees △Chuncheon 22.1 degrees △Gangneung 21.9 degrees △Daejeon 28.8 degrees △Daegu 24 degrees △Jeonju 22.6 degrees △ Gwangju 23.6 degrees △Busan 25.2 degrees △Jeju 26.3 degrees.

The expected highest temperature in major cities is △Seoul 26 degrees △Incheon 26 degrees △Chuncheon 27 degrees △Gangneung 28 degrees △Daejeon 26 degrees △Daegu 27 degrees △Jeonju 26 degrees △Gwangju 26 degrees △Busan 29 degrees △Jeju 32 degrees.

Fine dust was predicted as ‘good’ in all regions.

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