‘A child with the king’s DNA’ 5th grade power abuse case… Ministry of Education already knew

Amid the fact that a 5th grade official from the Ministry of Education reported his child’s homeroom teacher for child abuse and demanded that he ‘treat the child specially like a prince’, he was judged to have infringed upon his teaching authority. It is revealed that no disciplinary action was taken even after the investigation itself, and the ripple is expected to grow.

The Ministry of Education said in an explanatory document on the afternoon of the 11th, “In December of last year, through the National News Agency, we received reports that Mr. A had abused the teacher twice, and immediately organized an audit team to conduct its own investigation.”

According to the data of the Ministry of Education, on December 13 and 21 of last year, reports related to power abuse were received by the Ministry of Education employee A through the People’s Sinmungo.

The first report is that Mr. A continuously abused her homeroom teacher, asking her to treat her child like her prince.

The second report was that Mr. A psychologically pressured her by sending her report about her past replacement of homeroom teacher to her successor’s homeroom teacher via her public official’s e-mail.

Accordingly, it was revealed that the Ministry of Education organized an audit team and conducted its own investigation for three days.

Regarding the failure to determine whether teacher rights were violated at the time, the Ministry of Education explained스포츠토토, “It was a difficult situation (to make a decision) because Sejong City had determined that Mr. A’s report was child abuse.”

However, it was revealed that the Ministry of Education only issued a ‘verbal warning’ to prevent her from making unreasonable demands in the future, considering that her successor’s homeroom teacher was forced to bear the burden due to Mr. A’s behavior.

An official from the Ministry of Education said, “It has been decided that there is no charge of child abuse by the former homeroom teacher, and Mr. A’s behavior is also judged to be a violation of teaching rights.

However, with the Ministry of Education voluntarily preparing measures to protect teaching rights in the wake of the death of a teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul, it seems inevitable that controversy will be unavoidable if public officials belonging to the school are found to be the parties to the infringement of teaching rights.

In the course of future investigations, if it is confirmed that Mr. A used his status as a public official of the Ministry of Education to pressure the homeroom teacher, severe punishment will be inevitable

. They maliciously reported it as child abuse for the purpose of harassing them, and made unreasonable demands, such as forcing the new teacher to ‘talk to Prince Aini, who has the DNA of a king’. ”

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