Kidnapped in a carrier of a Korean child in the Philippines… Arrested in 7 hours

 On the 10th (local time), a child of a 메이저사이트Korean immigrant in Cebu, Philippines was dramatically rescued after being kidnapped by a gangster. With the cooperation of the embassy and the local police, the assailant was reportedly arrested within 7 hours.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on the 11th that “a Korean citizen was kidnapped in the Philippines.”

“After receiving the incident, our diplomatic mission closely cooperated with the local security authorities, and the culprit was arrested on the day of the incident, and the safety of our people was also confirmed,” he said.

According to local residents, a man in his 30s broke into the house and moved the child in a large suitcase. The assailant moved hundreds of meters and disappeared in a car in a parking lot. This scene was captured on CCTV .

The Korean residents notified the kidnapping and the number of the vehicle used in the crime through SNS, and the Korean diplomatic mission that received the report cooperated with the local police to arrange a car and arrest the criminal .

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