Jeonbuk-do, Jamboree budget 3 years ago “Please increase the government budget to 39%”

The event ended like this, but if the event, which took six years of preparation and a budget of more than 100 billion won, was so poor, it must be because someone did not work properly. This is why accountability is essential. In this situation, as a result of our coverage, it was confirmed that Jeollabuk-do, the organizer of the Jamboree, requested the Ministry of Strategy and Finance to increase the national budget by about 40% three years ago along with the budget increase. Criticism comes out that Jeollabuk-do was only frantic to skip government expenses.

Reporter Hwang Byung-jun reports exclusively.  

This is a document containing the plan to change the total project cost of the Jamboree prepared by Jeollabuk-do in August 2020스포츠토토.

Jeollabuk-do said that it was necessary to increase the national budget for the installation of infrastructure such as water and sewage, and demanded that the total project cost from 49.1 billion won initially be 127.8 billion won, and that the government budget ratio, which was 11%, more than tripled from 11% to 39%.

The total project cost was adjusted at the time through review by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, and the total project cost was confirmed at 117.1 billion won, of which 25% was used for government money.

Jeollabuk-do also said, “Considering that preparations for the successful hosting will serve as a catalyst for the development of Saemangeum, it is necessary to avoid excessive financial burdens on local governments.”

However, in the end, the Jamboree Organizing Committee spent 87 billion won of the total project cost for operating expenses of the organizing committee, including labor costs, and only 20.5 billion won was invested in infrastructure development.

In the political world, it is pointed out that Jeollabuk-do only secured the budget under the pretext of attracting international events.

Kim Mi-ae / Member of the People’s Power
“It will be inevitable to point out that Jeollabuk-do was only frantic to pay for the national budget while leaving the Jamboree event behind.” 

In December 2020, when Jeollabuk-do requested an increase in government funding, the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, an agency conducting a feasibility study for the Jamboree budget, said, “The number of 195 event programs is too large compared to the existing World Jamboree event, which has 50 to 60 participants.” He pointed out the need for budget cuts.

This is Hwang Byung-jun from TV Chosun.

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