Luxury brands without logos are on the rise… The trend is ‘gold spoon look’

The ‘old money look’, a fashion style of the upper class in the West, such as the United States and Europe, is gaining popularity in Korea, especially among young people, riding on the retro wind.

The old money look is characterized by emphasizing subtle luxury instead of flashy colors or patterns or designs with large brand logos. This old money look, also called ‘quiet luxury’ or ‘golden spoon look’ , spread among the MZ generation (those born in the early 1980s to early 2000s) this year and became a fashion code.

According to industry sources on the 13th, sales of Brunello Cucinelli in Italy, one of the representative high-end old money look brands imported and sold by Shinsegae International, increased by more than 15% compared to the same period last year.

Knitwear products, jackets, pants, skirts, and sneakers were equally popular. It was chosen by consumers for its high-quality materials and simple design without a single famous brand logo. White, beige, and black are the main colors that do not stand out.

The fashion platform W Concept also saw a 25% increase in sales of products related to old money look during the month of July compared to the same month last year. Maxi dresses and long/midi skirts, which are in high demand in summer, were particularly popular, with sales growth rates of 50% and 45%, respectively. W Concept explained that it appealed to the MZ스포츠토토

generation by being able to express the neat and simple luxury unique to the old money look at a reasonable price .

In the industry, the old money look has recently been particularly noteworthy, and the tendency to prefer long-wearing fashion centered on high-quality basic items rather than trendy fast fashion has become clear as it has passed through the tunnel of economic recession along with the pandemic. heard. Analysts say that the characteristics of the old money look, which focuses on materials rather than brands, originate from this.

An industry insider said, “The characteristic of fashion consumed by young people these days is to pursue their own individuality and satisfaction without caring about the eyes of others.” pointed out

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