A man who gave 200,000 won in exchange for meat… “You guys who work hard for the country are beautiful”

The story of a middle-aged man who secretly calculated메이저사이트 about 200,000 won for meals for soldiers who were out to eat was heartwarming.

According to a Yonhap News report on the 13th, five people, including Mr. A, who are serving in the military in Gyeongnam, went out on the 10th and ate at a meat restaurant. After finishing the meal, I tried to pay, but the restaurant owner said, ‘Some man has already paid for it.’ A middle-aged man, Mr. B, secretly calculated about 200,000 won for Mr. A and his party.

The restaurant owner had Mr. B’s contact information, and Mr. A called to express his gratitude, but Mr. B did not answer. In response, Mr. A conveyed her gratitude through a text message to her. In her message, Mr. A said, “Since you don’t answer the phone, I leave a message to thank you. The meat was really delicious,” he said. “Please know that I am very grateful, and I apologize in advance that I may seem a bit rude by writing it.”

In response, Mr. B said, “It’s not a big amount for me,” and said, “Your efforts for the country are by no means small.” He said, “My son will also go to a place called the military within a few years. He did not do it to you because my son was leaving.” He said, “You who work hard for the country are beautiful, so you paid for your meal.” “I hope you exert a beautiful influence and live a wonderful life. Thank you,” he replied.

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