Lotte Shin Dong-bin, ‘No. 1 annual salary’ in the first half… “Received 11.2 billion in 6 months”

Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dong-bin rose to the top of the annual salary in the first half of this year. He was the only one who received over 10 billion won in remuneration. Former Kakao CEO Nam Gung-hoon, Doosan Group Chairman Park Jeong-won, LG CEO Koo Kwang-mo, Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Won-tae, Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-yeon, and SK Supex Council Chairman Cho Dae-shik were named

in the 5 billion won club . Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong has continued unpaid management for six years since 2017, without receiving any compensation even in the first half of this year. ◇ Shin Dong-bin, the only one to receive more than 10 billion won in the first half According to the electronic disclosure of the Financial Supervisory Service on the 14th, Chairman Shin Dong-bin received 11.2 billion won in compensation from Lotte Holdings (004990) and six affiliates in the first half. It is an increase of about 1 billion won from last year (10.285 billion won), and was the only business leader to receive over 10 billion won in compensation. Subsidiaries that paid compensation include △Lotte Holdings 4.533 billion won △Hotel Lotte 1.061 billion won △Lotte Mulsan 545 million won △Lotte Chemical (011170) 1.915 billion won △Lotte Shopping (023530) 1.15 billion won △Lotte Well Food (280360) 1.025 billion won △Lotte Chilsung Beverage (005300) 1.07 billion won. Following that, former CEO Nam Gung-hun, Chairman Park Jeong-won, CEO Koo Kwang-mo, Chairman Cho Won-tae, Chairman Kim Seung-yeon, and Chairman Cho Dae-shik were listed on the 5 billion club.

Former CEO Nam Gung-hun of Kakao (035720) received a whopping 9.683 billion won. In the first half of the year, he earned 250 million won in salary and 9.432 billion won in profit from stock options. Former CEO Namgung resigned from his position last year to take responsibility for Kakao’s large-scale service failure. Hong Eun-taek, CEO of Kakao, took 604 million won as compensation for the first half.

Park Jeong-won, chairman of Doosan Corporation (000150), received a total of 6.776 billion won in the first half, including a salary of 1.561 billion won and a bonus of 5.215 billion won.

Koo Kwang-mo , CEO of LG (003550), received 5.995 billion won by adding a bonus of 3.657 billion won to his salary of 2.338 billion won.

Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Won-tae also received about 5.5 billion won from Hanjin Kal (180640) and Korean Air (003490) in the first half of this year.

Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-yeon also received 5.41 billion won in the first half of this year. Hanwha Corporation (000880) received 1.8 billion won, and Hanwha Solutions (009830) and Hanwha Systems (272210) received 1.8 billion won each.

Cho Dae-shik , chairman of the SK Supex Pursuit Council, was the only executive to be listed in the 5 billion won club in the first half of this year, not as the head of the business community. A total of 5.034 billion won was received. The salary is 1.2 billion won, and the bonus is 3.834 billion won.

◇ Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong continues unpaid management

Among other business leaders, Lee Jae-hyun, chairman of CJ (001040) Group, received 4.968 billion won in the first half of this year, as in last year. He received 2.087 billion won from CJ Holdings, 1.82 billion won from CJ CheilJedang (097950 KQ), and 1.061 billion won from CJ ENM (035760 KQ).

Kim Dong-gwan, vice chairman of Hanwha Group, earned 4.62 billion won in the first half. Hanwha Corporation received 1.531 billion won, and Hanwha Solutions and Hanwha Aerospace received 1.542 billion won and 1.529 billion won, respectively.

At LS , Koo Ja-yeol, chairman of the board, received 4.2 billion won in remuneration in the first half of this year, and Koo Ja-eun, chairman, received 3.8 billion won. GS Chairman Heo Tae-soo ‘s first half salary is 4.046 billion won.

Poongsan Group Chairman Ryu Jin, who was appointed chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI), received about 3.6 billion won in compensation from Poongsan (103140) (2.17 billion won) and Poongsan Holdings (005810) (1.448 billion won).

Chung Eui-sun, chairman of Hyundai Motor Company (005380), received 3.25 billion won in compensation in the first half of this year. Hyundai Motor Company paid 2 billion won and Hyundai Mobis (012330) paid 1.25 billion won in remuneration.

Chey Tae-won SKThe first half of the group chairman’s remuneration is 3 billion won. He received 1.75 billion won and 1.25 billion won in salary from SK Corporation (034730) and SK Hynix (000660), respectively.

Instead, SK Holdings Vice Chairman Jang Dong-hyun received 3.786 billion won in the first half, and SK Innovation Vice Chairman Kim Joon received 2.92 billion won in the first half.

Cho Hyun-joon, chairman of Hyosung (004800) Group, received 2.4 billion won in salary in the first half. Hyosung Group Vice Chairman Cho Hyun-sang’s salary is 2 billion won.

Choi Jeong-woo, chairman of POSCO Holdings (005490), received a total of 2.38 billion won in compensation, including a salary of 518 million won and a bonus of 1.862 billion won in the first half of this year.

In the game company, Kim Chang-han (259960), CEO of Krafton, received a total of 3.276 billion won in compensation in the first half of this year. He received 2.795 billion won in bonuses alone, receiving the most compensation among game company representatives.

Kim Taek-jin, CEO of NCsoft (036570), received 2.636 billion won in the first half. Bonuses for the successful launch of Lineage W recorded KRW 1.35 billion. However, compared to the first half of last year, bonuses were reduced by less than half.

In addition, Choi Soo-yeon, CEO of Naver (035420), took 1.042 billion won, and Chae Seon-joo, head of external and ESG policy, took 731 million won.

In the first half of this year, Chairman Lee Jae-yong continued unpaid management without receiving compensation at Samsung Electronics (005930).

Instead, vice chairman Han Jong-hee received 1.18 billion won, and DS division head (president) Kyung-hyeok Kyung received 954 million won. In addition, Roh Tae- moon, head of the DX division (president), received 905 million won, Park Hak-kyu, head of the management support office (president), 697 million won, and Lee Jeong-bae, president, 798 million won.

◇ Securities companies and managers received more than the chairman and president

The securities company manager-level personnel received 3.4 billion won in remuneration in the first half alone, surpassing senior executives such as industry presidents and presidents.

According to Daol Investment & Securities (030210), Yoon Tae-ho, a manager at the company’s bond sales department, received 3.434 billion won in compensation in the first half of this year. Most of this, 3.41 billion won, is a bonus based on performance, and a portion of the profits generated through brokerage business such as bonds and commercial paper ( CP ) was provided as an incentive.

The amount received by Manager Yoon is 3.8 times the 900 million won paid to Lee Byung-cheol, CEO of Daol Investment & Securities.

Samsung Securities (016360) branch manager Gang Jeong-gu, who was frequently named the “salary king” of non-executives, received 1.85 billion won in the first half of this year, more than twice as much as Samsung Securities CEO Jang Seok-hoon, who received an annual salary of 700 million won.

In addition, NH Investment & Securities (005940먹튀검증) Managing Director Shin Jae-wook (1.116 billion won), Vice President Yoon Byung-woon (1.099 billion won), Seo Jae-young (1.088 billion won), etc. He passed the compensation and received 1 billion won in compensation.

Kim Ik-rae, former chairman of the Daukiwoo Group, received a total of 2.89796 billion won in compensation in the first half of the year, and became the CEO of a securities company in the first half of the year.among the highest paid. Among them, severance pay accounted for the majority at 2.26 billion won. In addition, former chairman Kim received a salary of 465.67 million won and a bonus of 165.43 million won.

Among incumbent stock CEOs , Chung Il-moon, president of Korea Investment & Securities, received 2.859 billion won in compensation in the first half of the year, receiving the highest salary. However, this is a 43.8% decrease from the 5,089.16 million won received during the same period last year.

It was followed by Choi Hyun-man, chairman of Mirae Asset Securities (006800) with 2.857 billion won in the first half, Kim Nam-gu, chairman of Korea Financial Holdings, with 1.96 billion won, Choi Hee-moon, vice chairman of Meritz Securities, with 1.75478 billion won, and Lee Eo-ryong, chairman of Daishin Securities (003540) with 1.24 billion won.

For financial holding companies, Hana Financial Holdings (086790) Chairman Ham Young-joo (086790) Chairman Ham Young-joo, former Woori Financial Holdings (316140) Chairman Son Tae-seung (316140) Chairman Son Tae-seung (1.3 billion won), KB Financial Holdings (105560) Chairman Yoon Jong-gyu (105560) 645 million won.

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