Controversy over promotion of ‘Silver Mark’ on Twitter by First Lady Kim Kun-hee

On the 13th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received an inquiry from the Presidential Office about the possibility that the former스포츠토토 Twitter account of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife, Kim Gun-hee, could be stolen, and then asked Twitter to certify Mrs. Kim’s Twitter account ‘Silver Mark’ (official certification mark for government personnel). said there is

An official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on the same day, “There was an inquiry from the President’s Office that there was a possibility that Mrs. Kim’s Twitter account could be stolen, and accordingly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson’s office pushed for an official certification mark.” Previously, the Hankook Ilbo reported that the President’s Office also delivered specific details that “there is a risk of account theft, so an official certification mark is required” in the process of asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for cooperation in creating a Twitter account for Mrs. Kim in May. An official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added, “There is no fact that the presidential office has instructed us to pursue a plan to attach a silver mark.”

There are three certification marks granted by Twitter: blue (blue), yellow (gold), and gray (silver). Blue checkmarks are given to paid service subscribers, gold checkmarks to corporate and advertiser accounts, and silver checkmarks to government agencies and agency heads or international organizations such as the United Nations and their officials.

Ahn Gwi-ryeong, a spokesman for the Democratic Party of Korea, made a comment and criticized, “I don’t know why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has to open a Twitter account for the president’s wife, not the president.”

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