‘King’s DNA’ Ministry of Education Secretary, Vice Principal

Circumstances have been revealed that Mr. A, a secretary of the Ministry of Education, who is suspected of having ‘gap-beating’ his child’s homeroom teacher, saying that his child has ‘king’s DNA’, also abused the vice principal . According to the transcript of the homeroom teacher and the vice principal obtained by TV Chosun on the 14th, the vice principal told the homeroom teacher, “Mr. A asked me to check the contents of the education every day and send it to him .

” In addition, the vice principal revealed that Mr. A said, “Please record the behavioral changes of other children and send them every day” or “Change the curriculum or things like that for my child.” This call was made in late October, right after Mr. A reported the homeroom teacher for child abuse, and two months later, Mr. A’s son was confirmed to have been reported for school violence. According to the fact confirmation스포츠토토 written by the parents of the class, it was known that last year, Group B was often screaming in class and violently wielding violence against other students. Parents said in the fact confirmation that they “created a panic atmosphere by hitting their heads with a cafeteria cart” or “put a mask on their eyes and headbutted the children”. He also revealed that he “jabbed her with a pencil, hit her with a block of wood, and stomped on her feet while swearing and laughing,” and also abused the helper teacher who restrained her from doing this. Parents also explained that teacher C, who was in charge at the time, responded firmly to this behavior and the situation improved, but the situation worsened after Mr. A was removed from the position due to child abuse report.

Parents said in a fact confirmation letter written at the end of December last year that they would go through the school violence reporting process, saying, “How long will my children have to be hurt physically and mentally?”

Regarding this, TV Chosun contacted Mr. A to hear his position, but was unable to reach him.

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