Rape in the mountains of a park in Seoul in broad daylight… Victim unconscious

A man who hit and sexually assaulted a woman without a face in the mountains near a park in Seoul in broad daylight was caught by the police스포츠토토. The victim’s life is in critical condition.

The Seoul Gwanak Police Station announced on the 17th that it had arrested and investigated a man in his 30s on charges of rape and injury. Mr. A is accused of sexual assault after beating a woman in her 30s in the mountains near a park in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu at around 11:40 am that day. At the time, it was reported that he assaulted the victim using a blunt instrument made of metal such as a knuckle.

During the crime, a hiker passing by the neighborhood reported to 112, saying, “I heard the voice of a woman screaming for help,” and the police were dispatched to the scene and arrested Mr. A in about 25 minutes after receiving the report. As a result of the investigation, it was confirmed that Mr. A was unknown to the victim. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital, but remains unconscious.

After being arrested, Mr. A was also tested for simple reagents for narcotics, but it came out negative, and he was not in a drunken state. The police plan to investigate the details of the crime, including whether Mr. A gave notice of the crime in line with the recent flood of murder notices.

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