Jang Je-won, Lee Dong-gwan’s hearing at the Democratic Party’s “last effort”

On the 18th, along with Jang Je-won, chairman of the National Assembly’s Science and Technology Information Broadcasting and Communications Committee, and members of the Democratic Party, members of the People’s Power collided with each other at the personnel hearing for the candidate for the chairman of the Broadcasting and Communications Commission, Lee Dong-gwan. Candidate Lee also attracted backlash with a sarcastic attitude in answering questions from opposition lawmakers.

Chairman Jang poured out criticism toward the Democratic Party instead of verifying his candidate when it was the order of his inquiry at his confirmation hearing that day. Chairman Jang said, “(Candidate Lee) is hearing insulting remarks from the political world that he is an indescribable broadcasting control engineer,” and said, “Is the thief really numb? I even thought it might be the last desperate effort not to let go of their vested interests.” Chairman Jang said, “I think the scene of the hearing is the extreme of the National Election Commission.” The person who worked in the Moon Jae-in administration who made this greeting is now taking issue with the nomination of this candidate.” Democratic Party lawmakers fiercely protested, but Chairman Chang continued his remarks, saying, “I have legitimately obtained a 7-minute remark and speak my opinion.”

Chairman Jang said that Min Hyung-bae, a member of the Democratic Party, asked Lee for a KBSAfter calling the president and asking if he had requested a replacement for the host of a morning broadcast, he suddenly said, “Can’t the president talk to the president of a media company? He said to candidate Lee, “Is there anything to answer?” Candidate Lee said, “I don’t answer because I don’t feel the value of answering.” Chairman Jang said to Rep. Min, who mentioned a document related to the candidate for the Attorney General at the time of Cheon Seong-gwan, written by the Blue House Spokesperson Lee Dong-gwan in 2009, “Is it a problem with what journalists think about the Prosecutor General? Even if the document itself is distorted, it is still oil.”

Members of the People’s Power took the lead in defending this candidate. In particular, regarding the allegation of school violence by Lee’s son, he focused on the problem of the teacher at Hana High School, who raised the issue스포츠토토.

Candidate Lee’s response has repeatedly spawned controversy. Candidate Lee said to Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Jung-moon, who asked if he would like to resign voluntarily, “I will think about it while eating lunch.” When opposition lawmakers repeatedly pointed out the issue of school violence against their sons, Candidate Lee said, “Didn’t the (Democratic Party) define the person who had been exposed as a victim of sexual violence by (the late) Mayor Park Won-soon (Seoul) as a complainant?” (I don’t know) how to understand the logical contradiction of defining a person who is not a victim of abuse as a victim of abuse.” When Democratic Party lawmaker Jang Gyeong-tae pointed out candidate Lee’s non-cooperation in submitting data and said, “What kind of confirmation hearing are you doing now?” Because you don’t seem to want to hear the answer.”

Candidate Lee left the hearing room after the morning schedule of the hearing and asked for a handshake with the ruling party member, saying, “Thank you. Thanks for the hard covering fire,” she said. Before the hearing, when reporters asked about the media control document, she avoided answering, saying, “It bothers me to ask so many questions in front of the hearing.” On this day, Candidate Lee drew attention by wearing a commemorative watch for President Seok-Yeol Yoon.

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