Victim of ‘Shinrim sexual assault’ finally dies… Decision to be made soon

Today (19th), a victim who was in critical condition after being assaulted by a man he never met on a hiking trail in broad daylight passed away. Whether or not to arrest the suspect Choi is expected to be decided in a while, but the police plan to focus on proving that Choi had a murderous intent.This is Reporter Bae Seong-jae.스포츠토토<Reporter>A woman in her 30s who was assaulted with a blunt weapon by Choi in her 30s at a park in Sillim-dong, Seoul two days ago and suffered sexual assault.Immediately after the incident, Mr. A, who had been transferred to a university hospital and received treatment, died at around 3:40 pm today.Prior to the death of Mr. A, the suspect Choi, who first appeared after the arrest to review her arrest warrant, claimed that her sexual assault was only an attempt.[Mr. Choi: (You claim that it was only an attempted sexual assault, is that correct?) Yes. (Do you have anything to say to the victim?) I’m sorry. (Tell me what you’re sorry about.) I wish her a speedy recovery.]When she arrived at the courthouse, she said she had no intention of killing the victim.[Mr. Choi: (Did you have the intention to kill by using a blunt weapon?) There was no.]As the victim died, the police are considering changing the crime name to rape and murder through a reinforced investigation. Since there are no CCTVsor witnesses that contain the crime scene , the police are conducting an appraisal on the metal blunt weapon used as a crime tool.An autopsy will also be conducted on the victim.The police conducted a psychological analysis of Mr. Choi by putting in two profilers to confirm the exact motive of the crime yesterday, and according to the results of the psychological analysis, a psychopath diagnosis test is also being considered.We are also reviewing a plan to disclose Choi’s identity by opening a personal disclosure committee next week.A decision on whether or not to arrest Choi, who has been charged with rape and injury as punishment for sexual violence, will be decided soon.

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