Volleyball Lee Jae-young, denies ‘academic violence’ in 2 years… “Victims demand 100 million each” claim

Lee Jae-young, a volleyball player who left the V- League due to a controversy over school violence , denied the allegations after two years and claimed that he had been asked for a settlement of 100 million won by an alumni who claimed damage.

On the 16th, Lee Jae-young said to The Spike, a volleyball magazine, “I don’t want to be criticized for what I didn’t do.”

He said, “Even now, I don’t understand the behavior of those friends,” and “I apologized several times, saying ‘I’m sorry’ for Da-yeong Lee (twin brother)’s problematic behavior that occurred in middle school (Geunyeong Middle School in Jeonju). But suddenly, more than 10 years have passed. I was curious about the intention of revealing the contents.”

He also claimed that he initially conveyed his apology to the victim and wrote an apology at the request of the victim, but the meeting did not take place.

He continued, “I wrote an apology for the things I didn’t even do, and then I cut off all contact saying I didn’t want to meet them. They later asked for both of us to be permanently expelled.”

Mr. Lee said that he had maintained a close relationship with one of the victims even after transferring school, and argued, “If I had bullied him severely, would I have met and watched a movie with him after the transfer? To be clear, I have no memory of doing anything bad to them that I could be held responsible for.”

At the same time, he revealed his thoughts스포츠토토, “If they did something that made them feel uncomfortable without me knowing, I could meet them and clear up the misunderstanding, but there is no reason to take responsibility for what they didn’t do.”

Mr. Lee also claimed that the victims demanded a settlement of 100 million won per person. The victim, who had been out of contact for a long time, hired a lawyer to reconcile first and demanded money, but when Mr. Lee refused, the agreement failed.

Mr. Lee said, “One victim contacted us separately, saying, ‘If you give me 10 million won, we will write a settlement agreement’ on the condition that the other victims not be notified. Looking at this situation, I can’t help but think that they had different intentions.” pointed out.

At the time, Heungkuk Life, the team he belonged to, and the association and federation also expressed regret about the response. Unlike Mr. Lee, who wanted to correct the wrong part, Heungkuk Life Insurance insisted that he promised to “take responsibility for all remaining annual salary if I keep my mouth shut.”

Mr. Lee said, “After all, we couldn’t respond appropriately at the time, so the public doesn’t even know the specifics of the incident. I just wanted to avoid it,” he criticized.

On the other hand, Mr. Lee made his debut in the 2014-2015 season in the uniform of Heungkuk Life Insurance, won the Rookie of the Year, and rose to become a V- League star.

However, in February 2021, he and his twin brother Lee Da-young left the V- League after suspicions of school violence, such as threats with weapons and extortion, were raised.

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