“100 million won! Stock is easy”… Husband bent over his wife’s jackpot 

“Shinsung Delta Tech ate 30 million won and went well.”

“My husband ate stocks, but I earned 100 million won

. ” The stock market is falling, but articles proving profits are coming up on the Internet from all over the place.

On the 18th, stocks tied to the스포츠토토 Maxine theme in the stock market went straight to the upper limit all at once. These are 7 stocks: Taekyung Industrial, Huvis, Konic Automation, Ninetech, Amosense, Xferix, and Kyungdong Invest.

These stocks soared mainly thanks to buying by individual investors. As the news came out that researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ( KIST ) had developed a technology that could mass-produce Maxine, buying was driven. MXene is a material that has high electrical conductivity and can be combined with many metal compounds.

There is an analysis that the theme liquor craze has moved to Maxine. The craze for theme stocks , which started with secondary batteries and led to artificial intelligence ( AI ) and superconductors, did not go away and found a new theme.

In the history of the stock market, theme stocks have always existed, but experts say they have rarely been as hot as these days. An official from the securities industry said, “As the secondary battery soared, I experienced that ants made profits several times in a short period of time.”

There is a lot of talk about stocks being easy. A housewife in her 60s living in Nowon-gu said, “His husband bought 200 million won in stocks, and I made 100 million won by investing in Eco-Pro and POSCO Holdings.” The housewife added, “My husband can’t even raise his head when talking about stocks at home.”However, it is the few ‘players’ who have preemptively bought stocks or are good at singles that make money. Ants often bite when they see the ‘last flame’.

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