700 million rose in five months… ‘Jun Gangnam’ Gwacheon House Price Increase Rate No. 1

#.111㎡ dedicated to ‘Gwacheon Weaverfield’ in Wonmun-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do was traded at 2.7 billion won on the 2nd of this month, recording a reported price. In March, the same area was traded for 2 billion won. This is an increase of 700 million won in five months. In addition to this, in Gwacheon City, transactions approaching 2 billion won based on an exclusive 84㎡ are also continuing.

As Gangnam house prices soar, Gwacheon City, Gyeonggi Province, which is evaluated as ‘semi-Gangnam’, is enjoying the benefits of reflection, such as rising to the top of the nation’s house price increase rate in the first half of this year. In Gwacheon City, reports are continuing due to the decrease in urgent sales. According to the Korea Real Estate Agency on the 21st, based on the apartment sales transaction index in the first half of this year, Gwacheon City soared 12.13%, ranking first in the national increase rate스포츠토토.

Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si (10.45%), Gangdong-gu, Seoul (9.44%), Songpa-gu, Seoul (8.63%), and Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi (8.48%) followed. The actual transaction price increased by 6.69%.

Looking at the transaction case, 131㎡ dedicated to ‘Gwacheon Prugio Summit’ in Jungang-dong was traded for 2.89 billion won in July. It is reported as the first transaction since January 2020 of 2.45 billion won. The 112㎡ dedicated to Byeolyang-dong’Gwacheonzai’ was also traded at 2.22 billion won in June, recording a reported price.

‘Gukpyeong (exclusive area 84㎡)’ is also rapidly recovering the price of 2 billion won.

The 84㎡ dedicated to ‘Gwacheonzai’ was traded for 1.94 billion won in June, up more than 300 million won from 1.575 billion won in January this year. The highest price of the type is 2.05 billion won. In the case of the 84㎡ of ‘Gwacheon Central Park Prugio Summit’ in Burim-dong, it was sold for 2 billion won last July and was listed in the 2 billion club.

An official from a brokerage office near Byeolyang-dong said, “This place is heavily influenced by the Gangnam area, but now it should be seen that all urgent sales have been exhausted.” Another brokerage official said, “There is an analysis among local residents that Gwacheon will outperform Dongpangyo.”

According to Jikbang, in the case of Gwacheon, new low-price transactions have disappeared recently.

Transactions that exceed the previous high price steadily came out, such as 5 cases in June and 2 cases in July, while new low prices were investigated with 1 case in June and ‘0’ in July. “The transaction recovery trend is clear enough to approach the period of soaring house prices,” he said. He added, “It is analyzed that the expectation of moving into the designated housing site development in Gwacheon and the rapid recovery of the Gangnam area in Seoul are also affecting Gwacheon.”

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