Stock stocks whose upper limit has soared after hours…”Promotion for approval of bell fighters”

Kyobo Securities is pushing for a paid-in capital increase스포츠토토 of 250 billion won through allocation to a third party.

On the 22nd, Kyobo Securities held a board of directors meeting and announced that it had decided to issue 49,309,665 common stocks with an issue price of 5,070 won to Kyobo Life Insurance.

The payment date is the 30th, and the scheduled listing date for the new shares is the 20th of the following month (September).

Kyobo Life Insurance, the largest shareholder of Kyobo Securities, holds a 73.06% stake as of June 30.

After the capital increase, Kyobo Life Insurance’s stake is expected to increase to 84.72%.

Kyobo Securities’ equity capital increased by about 15.5% from KRW 1,617.9 billion as of the end of the second quarter to KRW 1,867.9 billion.

Based on the secured funds, Kyobo Securities plans to strengthen its existing business competitiveness, secure new growth engines, and rush to obtain approval as a comprehensive financial investment business.

Kyobo Securities rose 9.92% in after-hours trading on the news of paid-in capital increase after the market close, reaching the upper limit.

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