“I locked my dog ​​in a cage and sexually assaulted him”… ‘Barican man’ additional crime

A woman who suffered dating violence, such as being assaulted by her boyfriend and having her head shaved with a barrican, revealed in detail the damage she suffered. It is known that her victim, woman A, made several extreme attempts after the incident and was under the protection of her family 24 hours a day.

As for Mr. A, she appeared in a video on the YouTube channel “Caracula Detective Agency” uploaded on the 22nd and explained in detail the situation at the time she was confined to Mr. B for 5 days.

High-level profanity and serious assault damage that were not revealed in media reports were listed.

According to the video, Mr. B assaulted Mr. A, forcing him to “count her number with his mouth because he will hit her in her 30s.” She painted her face with cosmetics and mocked her. She has a backup so the police can never find it,” she threatened.

It was also revealed that vicious and intelligent violence had been inflicted. Mr. B kneeled Mr. A, who underwent surgery on his right foot, for three and a half hours and intensively attacked his leg. He even laughed while filming the scene where he stepped on Mr. A’s head and rolled her to the side.

In addition, Mr. B shaved Mr. A’s hair with a hair clipper, urinated on her face and spit on her.

He locked her in a dog cage, ordered her to defecate on a litter pad, strangled her to faint, and sexually assaulted her several times.

Mr. A was humiliated and gaslighted for 4 nights and 5 days while in confinement. He is still suffering enormous mental pain. During his interview, Mr. A showed symptoms of hyperventilation and received emergency measures from his family.

“I’m so obsessed… 300 KakaoTalk messages when you cannot be contacted”

Regarding the first meeting, Mr. A said, “I found out about that person (Mr. B) at a cafe by picking a number.”

When asked why she continued to date despite violence, Mr. A said, “I liked it so much that I apologized first even if it wasn’t my fault. So it seems that he looked at me with ease,” he said.

“I was so obsessed with it that when I couldn’t get in touch, 300 KakaoTalk messages and 20 phone calls were standard,” he said.

Mr. B chose a new city in the metropolitan area with no connections and an officetel that had just started selling, moved in, and committed토토사이트 assault. As a result, the possibility that Mr. B had prepared for a long time and committed a planned crime was suggested.

The Caracula Detective Agency said, “We are putting weight on the possibility that the perpetrator could have executed the crime after carefully planning it for a long time.”

Attorney Kim Eun-jung, in charge of Mr. A’s defense, said, “The accused is making incomprehensible denials about his violence and sexual violence, such as ‘sexual intercourse by free will’ and ‘at the request of the victim’.” It is expected. She said that the severe punishment is inevitable because of the great pain the victims and their families are experiencing.”

In addition, there are many criminal facts of Mr. B that are not listed in the indictment, so additional charges are expected to be made.

Currently, while Mr. B is being handed over to trial in custody, it is known that his family is preparing for the trial by forming a lawyer.

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