A 2-year-old died in a daycare center and was left unnoticed… Teachers and principals fined 10 million won

The Incheon District Court sentenced a메이저놀이터 40-year-old nursery teacher and a 50-year-old director at a daycare center where a 2-year-old student died while sleeping with a cold were fined 10 million won each.

Childcare teacher A was indicted for neglecting and neglecting a child who had a cold at a daycare center in Namdong-gu, Incheon on the early morning hours of January 4 last year. I was working.

At the time, Mr. A took the child, who was in poor health, to the director’s office and laid it on the floor covered with a blanket to sleep.

Mr. B was also indicted for not supervising Mr. A properly, such as letting him take care of a child in the director’s office he used as an office and then killing him.

The judge said, “It is a preventable accident, so it is necessary to punish it severely.”

“If the defendants are sentenced to prison sentences or more, they must leave the industry they have been engaged in for the rest of their lives,” he said.

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