A 20-pyeong villa where three people live, the monthly electricity bill is 11.5 million won…

Mr. Kim, who lives in Ganghwa-gun스포츠토토, Incheon, was shocked when he recently received an electricity bill for August. This is because the electricity bill spent for one month from July 12th to August 11th was about 11.5 million won. It is more than 5 times the electricity bill (2.2 million won) of the 1320㎡ (approximately 400 pyeong) welfare facility where Mr. Kim works.

It is said that the monthly electricity consumption recorded on the bill was a whopping 14,221 kWh (kilowatt hours). If a four-person household puts a stand-up air conditioner (power consumption 1.8kW) in the living room on for 12 hours a day in the summer, for a whole month, the monthly usage is said to be 1000kWh. Even if you use 1000kWh, the monthly electricity bill is 300,000 won, which is about 1/40 of the rate billed to Mr. Kim. The consumption of over 14,000 kWh is said to be equivalent to the electricity used by three 24-hour convenience stores for a month. A 20-pyeong villa where a household of three lives was charged at a rate that would have come from combining three convenience stores with refrigerators and air conditioners on all day. It is virtually impossible to use more than 10,000 kWh per month at home. Mr. Kim said, “Even when the air conditioner was turned on last August, the usage was 376kWh and the bill was 57,000 won, and in July of this year, the monthly usage was 269kWh and the bill was about 30,000 won.” “At first, I thought the bill printing was wrong. ” he says.

When Mr. Kim inquired at KEPCO, the wire right under the meter was burned and shorted out, and the fact that the electricity continued to flow underground for 24 hours was the cause of the charge bomb. Surprised by the charge bomb, Mr. Kim is more frustrated with KEPCO’s response. Although the ridiculous rate came out, the answer I received from KEPCO was because I heard the answer that “the customer has to pay all electricity bills in principle as the cause is the fault of the customer’s facilities.” When the reporter directly inquired at KEPCO, he said, “Payment has been postponed for now,” and “In this case, the usage is excessive, and the rate is higher due to the summer progressive system, so we will find a solution as soon as possible.”

Looking at similar cases in the past, it seems that Mr. Kim will have to pay a large part of the electricity bill charged. Mr. Kim’s complaint, “Where do you usually find your house meter?”

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