“Seoi-cho teacher’s discretionary shutdown at the 49th”… ‘Field chaos’ in the difference between the Ministry of Education and the superintendent of education

On September 4, the 49th residence of Seoi-cho teachers, while each school was considering designating a discretionary holiday, the Ministry of Education defined it as an “illegal collective action” and announced that it “plans to respond.” However, the superintendent said, “We will protect the teachers gathered for the memorial until the end.” Confusion was added to the difference between the positions of the Ministry of Education and the superintendent.

Currently, a significant number of schools are discussing the designation of a discretionary holiday on September 4th. Some schools have already made decisions on discretionary holidays.

In response, the Ministry 스포츠토토of Education stipulated on the 24th that “(the designation of discretionary holidays) is intended to hinder the normal operation of the academic school in the second semester,” and “Discretionary holidays cannot be newly designated during the semester unless there is an emergency such as an emergency disaster. This case does not fall under this. don’t,” he said. In the press reference material issued by the Ministry of Education that day, it was expressed as “illegal collective action movement.”

The Ministry of Education also paid close attention to the use of group love songs by teachers on this day. “As for the use of collective love leave, in the case of teachers, unless there is a special reason, they cannot use leave on school days,” he said.

However, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon’s temperature is completely different from that of the Ministry of Education. Superintendent Cho posted a letter on the Office of Education website the night before, titled, “I appeal for the restoration of the educational community with the heart of a resident.” We will protect and be with the teachers who gathered on September 4 with a heart of remembrance and condolences until the end.” The general consensus is that the company said it would in effect allow discretionary shutdowns.

Superintendent Cho said, “I promise teachers that the passion to teach children better will never be punished.”In the midst of this, the Korean Federation of Teachers’ Organizations said, ” About the ‘September 4 Public Education Cessation Day and Assembly’, we can’t help but consider the burden of not protecting the precious students’ right to learn under any circumstances.” We suggest holding a memorial service around 7 or 8 p.m. after finishing the evening.”

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