Kim Jong-min “If you hate Mr. Noh Sa-yeon, Kim Hoon, and Jang Mi-ran, violence, the way of the Taliban… Let’s stop”

Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Jong-min said that attacking opponents while mobilizing harsh words and abusive language against strong supporters of the party, so-called ‘dog daughters스포츠토토‘, for having a different idea is “the path of the Taliban, not the path of democracy. The way of the Red Guards, dictatorship,” he urged him to stop. On the 27th, Congressman Kim ordered on his social media, “The anti-democratic behavior of hatred, hatred, hostility, and personal attacks that started in politics is spreading to all directions of society and shaking the entire Democratic Republic

. “

For example, △Singer Noh Sa-yeon and her sisters visited President Yoon Seok-yeol’s father’s condolences, and some forces attacked them by citing swear words, threats, and even the family’s past △Writer Kim Hoon criticized former Minister Cho Kuk’s child entrance exam corruption in a press article Is it senility, desperate, or abusive? △ ‘Weightlifting hero’ Jang Mi-ran, a professor at Yongin University, when he was appointed as the second vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, heard that he attacked Seok-yeol Yoon as a collaborator and ‘converted pro-Japanese’.

Rep. Kim said, “No matter how much you hate President Yoon, it is against humanity to pour out abusive language and harsh words on the person who went to the store to mourn, and to condemn by revealing the family’s past is anti-democracy and anti-human rights, which was possible in the feudal era and dictatorship era.” If you are, if you are a Democrat supporter, you should not be involved in this violence.”

“It is not the path of democracy, but the path of the Taliban, to divide sides and attack hostilely with hatred just because you have a different opinion from me.

“It is good to strongly insist on my thoughts, but forcing my thoughts on others is violence,” he said. “Only military dictatorships and prosecutorial dictatorships are not dictatorships. Let’s quickly stop this before it deteriorates into physical violence like in the past.”

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