“I will stab you when the semester starts” University student who predicted murder… “I was scared”

A college student who wrote a murder notice메이저사이트 on an online community of a national university, saying, “I will stab people when classes start,” turned himself in to the police.

The Seocho Police Station in Seoul said today (29th) that an 18-year-old college student A was booked and investigated on charges such as intimidation.

Mr. A is suspected of posting an article on the Andong National University online community at around 3:00 pm yesterday, saying, “I will stab people when classes start, don’t come to school.”

After receiving the report, the Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency Cyber ​​Investigation Team began an investigation by tracking the IP of the post author.

Mr. A, who surrendered to the Seocho Police Station near his residence, is known to have stated to the effect that “I was afraid that a police investigation had begun.”

As for the reason he wrote the murder notice, he is said to have said, “I wanted attention.”

The police plan to further investigate Mr. A’s specific motive for the crime and review whether to apply for an arrest warrant.

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