Inbang ‘meeting passbook’ competition is on fire… Anyone can withdraw and pay at an annual interest rate of 10%

Internet-only banks’ ‘meeting passbook’ competition is heating up. The Gathering Bankbook is a bankbook that can be opened to manage expenses in various meetings, and is characterized by being able to check the details of transactions between users. Internet-only banks try to attract new customers and secure stable deposits through the Gathering Bankbook.

According to the financial sector on the 30th, K-bank released a meeting account on the 28th. K-Bank’s meeting bankbook gives an annual interest rate of 2.3% for up to 3 million won, and an annual interest rate of 0.10% is applied for the excess amount. The Gathering Bankbook provides a Gathering Fee Plus function, which provides a maximum annual interest rate of 10% when meeting members and a target amount are collected. Specifically, the basic interest rate of 2.00% per year is given an additional 3.00% per year if the total target amount is successfully reached, and a preferential interest rate of 0.50% is added for each additional successful person. If the maximum number of participants is 10, the maximum annual interest rate of 10.00% is applied. The target amount can be set up to 10 million won.

Toss Bank launched the meeting account in February. Toss Bank’s meeting bankbook provides an annual interest rate of 2.00% even if you leave it for just one day. The Toss Bank Gathering Bankbook is characterized by the fact that any member can use it as a joint meeting place. The meeting room, which is the first bank account opener, and the joint meeting room may have the authority to issue, withdraw, and pay the meeting card. The purpose is to relieve the burden of managing bankbooks, which was previously concentrated on one person. On the 3rd, Toss Bank added a couples bankbook function that allows couples or couples to manage their bankbooks in the Gathering Bankbook. Toss Bank announced that the number of subscribers exceeded 1 million within 5 months of the launch of the meeting account.

Kakao Bank is the strongest player in the meeting passbook field. Kakao Bank’s meeting bankbook can receive a basic interest rate of 0.10% per year and up to 2.10% per year by connecting it to ‘Safebox’, a parking account. Gathering bankbook was introduced in Korea for the first time in 2018 by Kakao Bank. Kakao Bank enjoyed a synergistic effect in connection with Kakao Talk, a mobile messenger of Kakao, an affiliate. As of the first half of the year, there are 9.2 million subscribers to Kakao Bank’s meeting bank account, and the number of accounts is 4.63 million. As of the first half of the year, the balance of Kakao Bank’s meeting bank account was 5.9 trillion won, accounting for 13.6% of the total deposit balance (43.6 trillion won).

Recently, internet-only banks have launched Gathering Bankbooks with enhanced various functions and benefits because Gathering Bankbooks help stabilize banking profits. One of the advantages스포츠토토 of Gathering Passbook is that it can attract several customers from other banks by creating one account. In particular, Kakao Bank was able to attract customers in their 40s and 50s through the meeting account. As of the end of last year, 43.6% of the new users of Kakao Bank’s meeting passbook were middle-aged and older than 40. 25.4% in their 40s, 14.7% in their 50s, and 3.5% in their 60s or older, respectively.

In addition, the meeting passbook helps stabilize bank profits. Gathering passbooks are shared by several people, so they are not easily moved once created. This is in contrast to general deposits and savings accounts, in which financial products are frequently compared and ‘money moves (large-scale transfers of funds)’ occur even with small differences in interest rates. Since there is no withdrawal of funds, the bank does not have to pay a lot of interest. In particular, it is a product that can efficiently secure deposits in the current high interest rate environment.

An Internet-only bank official said, “If you open one bankbook, there are close to 10 related users.” He said, “As a large number of customers collect membership fees and have stable cash inflow, it is a product that can take a large amount of money at a low cost from the bank’s point of view.” Explained.

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