‘Ramen wrapped in kimchi?’… Translation Error Kimchi Rolled Noodles

 Foreign YouTubers are eating unusual토토사이트 types of kimchi rolled noodles on mukbang (eating broadcasts), which is becoming a hot topic. This appears to have been created during the translation process by translating ‘mal-i’ to mean ‘roll up’ rather than ‘roll noodles in soup’. Recently , a post titled ‘Kimchi Rolled Noodles Spread Abroad’ was shared on

various social network services ( SNS ). A video titled ‘KIMCHI WRAPPED NUCLEAR FIRE NOODLES MUCKBANG’ posted by a foreign YouTuber in 2018 became a popular video, recording 2.28 million views as of the 30th, even though it was uploaded 4 years

ago . settled down As foreigners’ interest in Korean food continues to increase, cases of people eating food different from existing Korean food due to incorrect translation have come into the spotlight again. The kimchi rolled noodles eaten by foreign YouTubers are completely different from the cool broth that Koreans commonly eat, with kimchi added. The unusual kimchi rolled noodles with kimchi rolled on the spicy-looking side look very spicy and salty.

If you search for kimchi rolled noodles with Google Translate, it translates directly into English as ‘Kimchi Rolled Noodles ‘. Due to this, it is interpreted that foreigners misunderstood that eating raw kimchi with noodles is called kimchi roll.

Korean netizens who watched the video responded with comments such as “Kimchi rolled noodles are not noodles, but kimchi ssam noodles,” “Foreigners are misunderstanding kimchi rolled noodles,” and “It looks very salty.”

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