Chinese official newspaper “Korea is challenging China… Don’t regard goodwill as a concession.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized ‘strategic independence’ towards Korea and threw a check on the strengthening of Korea-US-Japan cooperation, but this time, the state-run media representing the position of the Chinese authorities issued a threat, saying, ‘Do not regard China’s goodwill as a concession.’

On the 2nd, China’s state-run Global Times메이저놀이터 introduced the content of a phone call between Director Wang and Foreign Minister Park Jin, claiming that this reflected the Korean government’s anxiety about Korea-China relations, which have been going downhill since the Korea-U.S.-Japan summit. Previously, on the 31st of last month, Minister Park and Director Wang had an 80-minute phone call and discussed Korea-China relations and Korean Peninsula issues.

Zhan Debin, director of the Korean Peninsula Research Center at the Shanghai University of Foreign Economics and Trade, mentioned that Director Wang told Minister Park, “We support Korea’s role as the chair of this year’s Korea-China-Japan Summit,” and added, “It is Korea that expressed support for the Korea-China-Japan mechanism.” “It shows China’s goodwill toward developing relations with the U.S.,” he said. He continued, “However, the Korean government should not take this as a sign of concession and should not make further provocations on a sensitive topic.”

Director Zhan criticized, “Minister Park conveyed Korea’s expectations for stabilizing relations with China, but it was the Korean government that acted and challenged the status quo in China-ROK relations in a provocative manner.” He also made it clear that Korea-China relations are less important than the Taiwan issue or the South China Sea issue, which are China’s core interests, and argued that it remains to be seen how Korea will react to these issues.

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