“Where are you home? I’m going to get some skin.”… 52-year-old billionaire caused a major accident 

“I’ll start the live broadcast. Depart from Tesla headquarters. Let’s see how artificial intelligence ( AI ) drives. “Maybe I’ll meet Zuckerberg and fight.” On

the 26th of last month (local time), Tesla fans cheered when a live streaming video was posted on X (formerly Twitter). This is because Tesla CEO Elon Musk demonstrated version 12 of FSD ( Full-Self Driving ) , the autonomous driving support software, as expected .

Musk, sitting in the Model S driver’s seat, filmed the autonomous driving scene with his smartphone and broadcasted for 45 minutes. Ashok Eluswamy, director of Autopilot software, who leads Tesla’s autonomous driving, appeared as a ‘comic guest’.

Tesla FSD is a driving assistance option at the ‘autonomous driving level 2’ level, where a human is responsible for driving. It has been continuously updated since its launch in 2019 and is currently at version 11. There is also a beta version of FSD that allows autonomous driving in the city . FSD Beta is being tested by approximately 400,000 North American drivers. And last weekend, Musk announced the FSD V12, which is still in development.He showed off a live video saying that the performance was very surprising. The number of viewers of this demonstration video has reached 11.7 million so far.

Drive like a human with only AI and cameras“ FSD driving is really smooth. “I don’t know if it will be conveyed through video.”

Musk and Ashok randomly selected a location in their navigation and walked around downtown Palo Alto. In the video, the Model S passes through a narrow construction section on the road and changes lanes on its own. It automatically slows down at speed bumps. Stop at the red traffic light and turn left at the left turn signal. At a roundabout, send two vehicles first and follow them. It also makes unprotected left turns. Musk is constantly admired for being a good driver. He also said he would give FSD 5 stars if he were an Uber driver.

He said, “ You drive with just AI and cameras. “It’s the same as a person who drives with their brain and eyes.”

I think it took about 5 minutes. Musk starts to get to the point. “( FSD V12 ) does not have programming code to tell you to slow down at speed bumps. “I learned it just by watching videos.” As Model S sneakily dodges the bicycle on the road, Ashok, who was quietly watching the boss(?), repeats the comment. “Same goes for that cyclist.” This means that there is no command code in the FSD program to avoid the cyclist. What does this mean?

According to Musk, the existing FSD V11 contains more than 300,000 lines of C++ programming language code. This means that humans have given guidelines on how SW should drive on actual roads. However, on real-world roads where unexpected variables occur, this method is bound to encounter limitations. For example, who would have imagined the recently controversial incident of ‘students lying on the road looking at their cell phones’? What makes fully autonomous driving difficult is that it is impossible to code all response methods for numerous rare cases.

All 300,000 lines of coding for ‘Driving Guide’ removedTesla changed its approach in FSD V12 . There was not a single line of command code such as ‘Stop at the stop sign’, ‘Wait here for a few seconds’, or ‘Drive like this at a roundabout’. Instead, we showed the AI ​​numerous driving videos of Tesla vehicles and trained it. Musk described this as ‘pure AI driving.’ This can be easily understood by recalling the Go AI ‘AlphaGo’ that

won a match against 9-dan Lee Sedol in 2016 . Initially, AlphaGo was trained to imitate human moves by learning 160,000 notations. Afterwards, your abilities will improve through endless competitions on your own. Developers have no idea what moves AlphaGo will make. Just as AlphaGo grew by watching notation, the current FSD is at the stage of learning by watching driving videos.

“To complete autonomous driving, a huge amount of video data is needed. There must also be expensive ‘neural network (artificial neural network) hardware’ to train this data.”

Tesla drivers’ cumulative FSD beta driving distance recently exceeded 400 million miles (approximately 643 million km). This data is used for AI training. The Neural Net hardware is a cluster combining 10,000 NVIDIA GPUs and Tesla’s self-developed supercomputer ‘Dojo’. Last June, Tesla announced that Dojo would become the world’s most powerful supercomputer by achieving a computing power of 100 exaflops (10,000 quintillion times per second) by October next year. The company plans to invest $1 billion (about 1.3 trillion won) in Dojo alone.

“There is no programming code at all like ‘Stop at a stop sign’ or ‘That’s a bicycle’. It just shows the driving video continuously.Even if the internet is cut off, there is no problem.”

Aside from AI training, Musk also said that Tesla vehicle computer ‘Hardware 3.0’ ( HW3.0 ) is sufficient to run autonomous driving software . “It’s not like a huge data center is connected to a car. You must be able to drive even if internet communication is lost. Pure AI driving requires no guidance. If you tell us your GPS location, you will eventually reach your destination even if you get lost. “Like a human driving.” If we remove the code, wouldn’t we be unable to control AI ? Ashok explained that programming is done with driving data instead of coding. When we discover a situation where autonomous driving is not working properly, we show it the correct example and train it to learn. For this reason, the key is to select high-quality data that adheres to traffic rules. “Ordinary driving doesn’t help at all. Most people break the law little by little. Only 0.5% of drivers come to a complete stop at a ‘stop’ sign.”

Musk: “We’re testing it around the world”Model S stopped at a red traffic light. The car is about to start when the opposite lane changes to a left turn signal. At that moment, Musk suddenly applies the brakes. “This is my first time intervening. Due to this problem, it has not been released yet. To eliminate these mistakes, we need to feed the neural net a lot of left turn signal video.” Musk said that FSD V12 is being tested around the world, including the United States, New Zealand, Norway, and Japan.

The vehicle parks itself on the shoulder of the road near where the navigation was first taken. Because the AI ​​has learned the driving route and destination through pre-training videos, it will be stopped in an appropriate location. Musk also talked about robotaxi. “The robotaxi will be able to find and wait for customers through photos sent by customers. “All you have to do is say, ‘Drop me off at Starbucks,’ and I’ll drop you off as close to the store entrance as possible.”

“Released when the mileage reaches 6 billion miles”Musk has recently shown increasing confidence in autonomous driving. When asked whether Tesla’s market capitalization was overestimated at the ‘Viva Tech’ event held in Paris, France last June, he said, “The potential of autonomous driving is so valuable that even if the probability of realization is only 1%, it is 먹튀검증of enormous value.” “Tesla is very close to fully autonomous driving, and the technology will improve enough to switch to robotaxi in the future,” he said.

Last September, Musk predicted that Tesla’s self-driving car would need a driving range of 6 billion miles (approximately 10 billion km) to be approved by regulators around the world. The current FSD Beta has a range of 400 million miles. This means that it still takes time to release FSD beta and V12 .

Layard, the author of “Layerd’s American Stock Investment Principles” and a famous Tesla investor, predicted this period (achieving 6 billion miles) to be after 2025. Lim Eun-young, a researcher at Samsung Securities, said, “Considering the emphasis on the importance of good data, commercialization of FSD V12 is expected next year.”

Now it’s time for the two men to return. Has the tension eased? Ashok jokes to Bose. “But you don’t duel?” Laughter broke out. “Where does that friend (Zuckerberg) live? Should I look it up on Google?” The two men, giggling, entered the location provided by Google into their navigation. “Well, I guess I can knock. “I don’t know if you live here, but let’s go.”

This fighter, who carries dumbbells because he doesn’t have time to exercise, silently turns the steering wheel and drives off. The dazzling California sunshine is fading away.

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