“If this was going to happen, why did I exercise?” The reason I regret taking my body profile

“If this is going to happen, I regret why I went to such lengths to control my diet to the point of hair loss.”

It has been quite a while since ‘Body Profile’, which involves creating a strong body and taking pictures regardless of generation, has been popular for quite some time.

Experts warn that intense exercise for a short period of time can strain muscles and worsen kidney function, but social media is overflowing with body profile posts.

Since the body profile is a mid- to long-term project that requires an investment of at least 3 to 6 months, thorough preparation and a rigorous mindset are essential. However, there are cases where people receive a revised body profile that should make them proud, but are instead disappointed.

Mr. A, an office worker in his early 30s, registered at a gym to lose weight, but he felt confident about his changing body and decided to take a semi-nude body profile shot at the suggestion of his trainer.

Mr. A set D-day after about 8 months and ate only chicken goya (chicken breast, sweet potatoes, vegetables) at a set time every day and did not eat any of his snacks. In addition, under the guidance of a trainer, he exercised for more than 10 hours a week, dividing it into three sections: back, biceps, chest, triceps, shoulders, and lower body.

After working hard to avoid attending company dinners even when there was food he wanted to eat, he finally had a body profile shot, and it cost a total of 1.2 million won, including makeup, costume preparation, and filming costs.

Mr. A felt relieved after completing the arduous journey. During the body profile preparation period, he experienced hair loss due to nutritional imbalance and hard exercise, but he thought that the sweat he shed was intact all over his body.

Mr. A, who received the revised body profile after a tedious wait, felt extreme despair. It wasn’t that his body wasn’t as perfect as he thought, quite the opposite. The image of himself in the photo was quite different from the selfie photo he took at the time of filming. He said he worked hard on his abdominal muscles, but despite strong water control, his abs were not this clear. In the photo, Mr. A’s abdomen was transformed into bulging chocolate abs. Of course, his waist became narrower and his face became smaller.

His backside was even worse. Although he had a hip line that he was always confident in, Mr. A in the photo had apple hips more than he actually had, and his back muscles were also bulging.

When I saw the body profile completed with the power of Photoshop, I felt an indescribable sense of despair.

Mr. A complained to the trainer. “If everything can be created with correction like this, then why did I go through all that trouble?” On the day of the body profile photo shoot, Trainer B, who observed how sensitive and difficult Mr. A, who went through severe hydration control, including not being able to drink even a sip of water, has become in order to perfect his body profile, said, “Even trainers often promote themselves with retouched photos. Advantages” “It will further maximize it,” he comforted.

Trainer B said, “In fact, most of the studios that take body profiles these days use photo editing to shape the body. They say building abs is the easiest task. It’s natural that you have to build your body through exercise to get a more complete photo, but it’s a little bit difficult.” “Even if there is something스포츠토토 lacking, if you pay more and ask for it, they will give you the body you want,” he said.

Trainer B told Hankyung.com, “Perhaps because Mr. A was in an exercise slump, he did not come to exercise for a while after taking the body profile.”

In fact, in online communities, photos comparing before and after body profile correction often become hot topics.

In the case of women, the scanty breasts were corrected to look voluminous, and the breasts of men were corrected to look firmer and more three-dimensional. The slight belly fat disappeared completely, and the waist became narrower. Of course, the flat abs were transformed into chocolate abs.

Netizens reacted with laughter, saying, “If that’s the case, I can take pictures right away after drinking 3 cans of beer and eating as much sausage as I want.” There was also a novel suggestion, “Because it was edited with Photoshop, it doesn’t mean you ruined your body. Let’s call it a healthy body profile.”

Recently, among young people in their 20s and 30s, body profile has become a means of actively expressing oneself beyond simply exercising for health.

Da-yeon Jeong, the ‘body-fit lady’ who once swept the broadcasting world, garnered a lot of attention from viewers with her toned body built through exercise, even though she was an ordinary 39-year-old housewife. Was it because of the view at the time that her S-line, expressed through her slim waist and firm hips, was exclusive to those in their 20s? Now, 20 years after the appearance of ‘Ajumma with the best body’, the number of people in their 40s who are physically as old as those in their 20s and 30s has increased noticeably.

Da-yeon Jeong, who is now in her 50s, said to those who have difficulty exercising, “There is no need to stress about not being able to do it. After exercising, not only my physical strength but also my mental health improved, and I also discovered a passion for life.” Although he received attention from many people for his weight loss and beautiful and healthy body, the challenge itself allowed him to feel both the pain and joy of life. This is advice that makes you think that the true purpose of exercise is not to portray the perfect me in a photo, but to fill the real me.

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