‘Korean History’ Jeon Han-gil “Hong Beom-do was a great independence soldier… “There is nothing to be controversial about.”

While the Korea Military Academy announced that it would remove the bust of General Hong Beom-do from the military academy, Jeon Han-gil, who is famous as a ‘one-hit instructor’ of Korean history for the civil service exam, said, “General Hong Beom-do is a great independent soldier. “(The issue before the bust) has degenerated into a political issue,” he said.

As the conflict surrounding the relocation of the bust escalated, some students and netizens opened their mouths, asking the Korean history instructor, “Why hasn’t he expressed his position?”

On the 5th, Mr. Jeon posted on his YouTube channel ‘One Road Before Flowers’ community, “These days, the world is abuzz with the story of General Hong Beom-do, and even when I don’t say anything about it, people are arbitrarily making conclusions about which political line it is,” adding, “Terrorism in YouTube video comments is also happening.” . “I would like to inform you as it is because I am concerned that there may be a possibility of misunderstanding,” he said in a statement.

The reason he revealed this position was because a comment he made on an online cafe on August 31st in response to the question, ‘I am curious about what you think about the current General Hong Beom-do issue’ became controversial.

At the time, he said, “We only study the스포츠토토 facts, and now the evaluation is becoming a political dispute as the ruling party, the opposition party, the Ministry of National Defense, and the Liberation Association each make their own claims based on political standards, focusing on what they want to give weight to.” commented: The comment was captured and spread to online communities, and netizens attacked Mr. Jeon with comments such as “Avoid expressing your position” and “Who did you vote for in the last presidential election?” and demanded that he express his position.

Mr. Jeon said, “I have consistently lectured as a great independence fighter in my past lectures, and no one will have any objection to this.” He added, “There is nothing controversial as it is a story of past history that has already been revealed and known (objective facts). So, I have nothing new to say in this regard,” he explained.

He said, “The current issues and the things that are on the news have already turned into political issues, the ruling party and the opposition party are fighting, and the public is divided into support and opposition, so I just endured it because I knew that if I said anything, it would cause controversy. “As far as historical facts are concerned, everyone knows this,” he added.

To those who asked about his political inclinations, he said, “I am not a politician, have no intention of going into politics, and have no political interests. “As I have done so far, as a civil servant instructor of Korean history, I lecture based on facts, and in the sensitive modern and contemporary history section, I respect the examinees’ positions and always speak from the line of common sense without being biased to the left or right,” he said.

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