A 50-year-old boss accused of molesting a 19-year-old employee, saying she looked like his daughter, was caught out of luck

A man in his 50s was sentenced to prison for forcibly molesting a 19-year-old employee nine times over five months, including placing his hand on the thigh of a 19-year-old employee in the car he was riding with, saying, “I thought I was traveling with my daughter.”

According to the legal community on the 9th, Chief Judge Kim Do-hyeong, Criminal Division 1, Wonju Branch, Chuncheon District Court sentenced Mr. A (57), who was indicted on charges of forcible harassment, to one year in prison and two years of probation.

He also ordered her to attend a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program.

Mr. A, who runs a company in Wonju, held hands with employee B (19), who was sitting next to him, in the driver’s seat of a car at about 10:30 a.m. on September 14 last year, saying, “I’m going on a trip with my daughter.” He was accused of molesting her by placing her hand on her thigh and holding her hand, saying, “My hands are cold.”

The indictment includes the fact that Mr. A forcibly molested Ms. B on a total of 9 occasions, including on January 9th.

It is known that Ms. B quit her job 안전놀이터after 5 months due to Mr. A’s harassment.

Chief Judge Kim said, “This crime was committed against the victim, an employee of his own company, over a long period of time, so the crime is serious and the extent of the damage is not light,” and added, “He is showing an attitude of not reflecting, saying he was caught because he was unlucky.”

“However, the sentence was determined considering the fact that he reached a civil and criminal agreement with the victim, pleaded for leniency, and the fact that he was a first-time offender,” the ruling continued.

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