North Korea’s five-star general bows down to Kim Jong-un’s daughter… Korean media “Kim Joo-ae, successor training”

At the military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the North Korean regime, Park Jong-cheon, head of the military administration, was captured kneeling down on one knee and talking to Kim Jong-un’s daughter Kim Joo-ae. In the recorded broadcast of the military parade aired by Korean Central Television

on the 9th, Kim Jong-un was seen sitting스포츠토토 side by side with his daughter Joo-ae in the center of the ‘special chairman’s seat’, talking and applauding together several times with smiles on their faces. On this day, Joo-ae watched her military parade wearing her short-sleeved dark-colored suit. According to the broadcast, in a scene where a camouflaged multiple rocket launcher column carrying multiple rocket launchers on a cement transport vehicle passes by, Park Jeong-cheon bows down on one knee and salutes Kim Joo-ae and whispers to her. Park Jeong-cheon is a second-in-command in the North Korean military, a rank above general, and is effectively a five-star general. Park Jeong-cheon, who was sitting next to Kim Joo-ae, could have sat down and had a conversation, but it was unusual for her to kneel down on her lap. There have been several scenes of North Korean high-ranking officials kneeling in front of Kim Jong-un and having conversations, but this is the first time Kim Joo-ae has been shown kneeling on her knees. Previously, during Kim Jong-un’s visit to the Naval Headquarters, North Korean Navy Commander Kim Myeong-sik gave Kim Joo-ae a salute and bowed. On this day, North Korean media referred to Kim Joo-ae as her “her esteemed daughter.” North Korea’s first lady, Ri Sol-ju, did not attend the event. Meanwhile, German media again discussed the succession structure on the 9th to mark the 75th anniversary of the establishment of North Korea’s regime. German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle ( DW)

), before the details of the military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the North Korean regime were made public, published an explanatory article titled ‘The Kim Dynasty’s rule celebrates 75 years’ and said, “Who will stand next to Chairman Kim Jong-un (39) of the State Affairs Commission at the event is of major interest, especially his daughter. “Whether Kim Joo-ae will appear or not?”

DW said that Kim Joo-ae has continued to accompany her father to major events since her first public appearance during a missile test launch in November 2022, and based on this, suggested the observation that Kim Joo-ae may be favored by Kim Jong-un as the successor to lead the North Korean regime. .

“In a male-dominated society, men have a huge advantage as potential leaders, but Kim Joo-ae appears to be her father’s favorite child,” he said. “Kim Joo-ae is being trained to one day seize power as the head of communist North Korea.” “The circumstances have been conveyed that there is,” he explained.

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