“I’ll give you more taxi fare” A passenger who changed his destination three times was a ‘wanted criminal’ for free riding

A man in his 60s who habitually committed taxi fare fraud by not paying the fare after taking a taxi from Incheon to Busan was eventually arrested.

It turned out that this man was a habitual free-riding offender who was so famous among taxi drivers that he even received a wanted order.

Busan Gijang Police Station announced today (11th) that it had caught and detained Mr. A, in his 60s, on charges of habitual fraud.

Mr. A is accused of habitually failing to pay the taxi fare (including tolls) of 533,000 won after taking a taxi from Incheon to Gijang Station in Busan around 4:20 a.m. on the 8th.

On the day of the incident, Mr. A caught a taxi at Moraenae Market in Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon in the early morning hours and said, “Let’s go straight to the Busan West Terminal.”

Taxi driver B thought it was strange that Mr. A wanted to take a taxi that would cost hundreds of thousands of won when an intercity bus to Busan would only take about an hour to wait, but he thought he had urgent business and immediately picked up Mr. A and headed to Busan.

Mr. B drove a taxi for over 5 hours and arrived in Busan around 9:40 a.m. the next day, with a total fare of 533,000 won, including highway tolls.

From then on, Mr. A’s behavior became suspicious.

After Mr. A, who initially planned to go to the Busan West Terminal, arrived in Busan and said he would bring his money, he kept changing his destination to the real estate office where he works, his home, and Gijang Station.

In particular, after introducing himself as a real estate agent, he exchanged cell phone numbers with the taxi driver and deceived him by saying, “I will pay more than the fare.”

This kind of ‘hit and run’ continued until past noon that day, and finally, Mr. A demanded to be moved to Gijang Station, saying, “I will find money at Gijang Station on the Donghae Line and pay the fare,” and left his cell phone in the taxi and entered the station. .

A moment later, Mr. A’s phone rang, and when Mr. B answered the phone, a man shouted, “Where are you? Tell me right away.” When Mr. B explained that he was a taxi driver who answered the call, the man on the other end of the phone said, “Wait there.” I hung up the phone.

When Mr. B entered Gijang Station with an anxious mind, Mr. A was begging the station staff to ‘buy me a train ticket to Busan’. Soon after, the man who had talked to Mr. B a while ago appeared and grabbed Mr스포츠토토. A by the collar and shook him. .

It turned out that this man was also a private taxi driver who had been tricked by Mr. A into paying his fare.

In the end, Mr. A was caught by the police who responded to the report and was arrested on charges of habitual fraud.

As a result of the police investigation, it was revealed that Mr. A habitually took taxis for free, stealing taxi fares worth 1.2 million won on five occasions from the end of last month until recently, and that a ‘wanted order’ was even issued among the drivers.

In addition, it was revealed that Mr. A had a similar criminal record.

A police official explained, “The real estate business was closed and Mr. A appears to have had no significant income. When he received a light punishment, such as a fine, we determined that he continued to commit the same crime and applied for an arrest warrant.”

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