“Murderer” ketchup terror… Daejeon teacher’s parents’ restaurant ends up being shut down

While an elementary school teacher in Daejeon died due to an extreme decision after suffering from malicious complaints, a restaurant known to be run by one of the parents of the perpetrator was ordered to ‘suspend business’ by the franchise headquarters.

According to the restaurant franchise headquarters on the 9th, in relation to this incident, a franchise in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, operated by the perpetrator’메이저놀이터s parents, was suspended.

On this day, the head office said through its official social network service ( SNS ) account, “We are quickly confirming the contents of the affiliated store,” and “Regardless of the reason, we are suspending business until the contents are confirmed, and we plan to take additional measures in the future depending on the facts.” “He said.

He added, “I hope this kind of pain will not be repeated again,” and added, “I pray for the rest of the soul of the teacher who passed away, and express my deepest condolences to the bereaved family.”

Since the news of the death of the Daejeon teacher was reported, the restaurant and other businesses known to be run by complaining parents were shared in online communities, sparking a boycott movement. In the review, he said, “I was shocked to see the teacher’s killing personality. “I will boycott it for the rest of my life”, “How are you going to deal with that karma”, “Don’t really live like that. There was a series of criticisms for participating in the boycott movement, such as “Teachers have human rights too,” “I can’t go because I’m scared,” and “Are you feeling relieved now that you won’t be able to run into each other like you wanted?”

Citizens left online reviews of the business as 1 star, while others actually visited the restaurant and threw eggs, flour, and ketchup on it. Even during the day, the door to the store was filled with post-it notes filled with criticism.

Meanwhile, Ms. A, a female teacher in her 40s who had been teaching for over 20 years, made an extreme choice at her home in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon on the 5th and was taken to the hospital, but she died two days later. According to the Daejeon Teachers’ Union and fellow teachers, while working at an elementary school in Yuseong-gu in 2019, he was accused of child abuse by a parent for sending a student who assaulted a friend to the principal’s office, and reportedly suffered from malicious complaints for several years.

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