A 7-year-old boy goes to school with a large pork belly on his shoulder. Who are you going to give it to?

In China, to commemorate Teacher’s Day, September 10th is designated as ‘Teachers’ Day’ every year. Unlike Korea, which starts the new school year in March, China designates September as the first semester, so this anniversary is held to coincide with the new school year.

Recently, at an elementary school in Chongqing where the new semester began, a photo of a student going to school carrying two pieces of meat as big as his height on his shoulders was released, making it a hot topic. Two chunks of firm, fresh pork belly were given as a gift to the homeroom teacher in celebration of Teacher’s Day.

On the 9th, Chinese media, including Sohu Education, reported that on the 8th, the previous day, a 7-year-old boy, Xiaohao, attending an elementary school in Chongqing, China, went to school carrying two pieces of pork belly purchased at a supermarket as a gift to his homeroom teacher in commemoration of Teacher’s Day. The photo was intensively reported and attracted attention.

The protagonist of the story, Xiaohao, is a 7-year-old elementary school student. On the 7th, the day before school, he happened to pass by a supermarket near his house and came across high-quality pork belly. He immediately thought of giving two pieces of pork belly to his homeroom teacher.

He immediately asked the store clerk to select the best quality pork belly for him, purchased fresh pork belly with good quality, and on the day스포츠토토 of school, he carried two pieces of meat on his shoulders and headed across the playground to the classroom. The large lump of pork belly that seemed rather heavy on the shoulders of Xiaohao, who was only 7 years old, swayed every time he took a step, and Xiaohao seemed to be taking careful steps to bear the weight.

School staff and fellow teachers who saw this wanted to praise Xiaohao for his brilliant idea, and took a photo of the two pieces of pork belly he was carrying on his shoulders at the time and shared it on social media, informing more netizens about his story. 

After the photo was shared on social media , netizens seemed to pay great attention to Xiaohao’s actions. In particular, he became the center of attention on social media every day thanks to the image of him using a long pole to support the weight of two large pieces of pork belly on his shoulders .

One netizen commented on Xiaohao’s behavior, saying, “It’s very cute.” He added, “The actions of a cute child have sounded a big alarm in the Chinese education community. “It made me realize that education requires active cooperation and participation not only from teachers but also from students receiving education,” he responded.

Another netizen also said, “In a world like today where many problems in the education world are exposed and both teachers and students are having a hard time due to various irregularities, Xiaohao’s pure heart was very touching,” and “A heart that knows how to cherish the hard work of teachers.” Responses such as “We need to work hard to create an educational environment where teachers and teachers can once again ignite their passion for education,” continued.

Regarding this interest, Mr. Xiaohao said, “I prepared pork belly because I was grateful that the teacher put a lot of effort into his education work,” and added, “The representative food of Chongqing is shabu-shabu, and pork belly is an essential ingredient in this dish. “It’s a food that everyone likes, so I prepared it because I thought the teacher would also like it,” he explained.

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