‘Hiking trail rape and murder’ Choi Yun-jong “Planned the crime after seeing the Busan roundhouse kick”

It was revealed that Choi Yun-jong (30), a suspect in the ‘hiking trail rape and murder case’, had been influenced by the ‘Busan Roundhouse Kick’ incident that occurred last year and had made elaborate preparations for the crime for four months.

On the 12th, the dedicated investigation team of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office (team leader Kim Bong-jun, head of the 2nd Department of Women and Children Crimes Investigation) arrested and indicted Choi Yoon-jong on charges of violating the Sexual Violence Crime Punishment Act (rape and other murder). According to the prosecution, Choi Yoon-jong is suspected of sexually assaulting Ms. A on the 17th of last month on the Mokgol Mountain hiking trail connected to Gwanaksan Ecological Park in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, by indiscriminately assaulting her with a fist with iron knuckles and strangling her for at least three minutes. The attempted sexual assault ended in an attempt. Victim A was left at the scene for about 20 minutes and was found by police dispatched to the scene without a pulse, breathing or consciousness, and died two days later. It was found that Choi Yoon-jong even asked for water while the police officer was performing CPR on Mr. A, saying소닉카지노 he was thirsty.According to Yonhap News, the prosecution determined that Choi Yoon-jong, who was unemployed and lacked social skills, other than writing short posts in the gaming community, committed the crime to satisfy his sexual desires after seeing an article about sexual assault. The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office’s clinical psychological evaluation of Choi Yoon-jong said, ‘There is no cognitive defect corresponding to intellectual disability, and the occurrence of the incident was caused by the fact that he acted out in a desire-satisfying way to relieve his primal desire and curiosity about sexual relations while his self-control and impulse control were reduced. The result was that it was judged to have had an impact. A note was also found on Choi Yun-jong’s cell phone two days before her crime, pledging to commit the crime, such as ‘The courageous will win the beauty’ and ‘Humans must seize the opportunity.’

In addition, it was found that Choi Yun-jong had read many articles related to recent murders. In particular, Choi Yoon-jong stated to the prosecution that he planned to commit the crime in a place without CCTV after seeing reports of the so-called ‘Busan roundhouse kick’ incident in which he indiscriminately assaulted a woman in her 20s and knocked her unconscious on her way home in May of last year. The prosecution said that Choi Yun-jong had planned the crime in detail four months in advance. It was found that he bought a knuckle from an online shopping mall in April of this year to use it as a crime tool, searched for a place without CCTV for a long period of time, and selected several places as candidate locations for the crime. The actual location of the crime was also one of the candidate locations. It was confirmed that Choi Yun-jong visited the hiking trail where the crime was committed dozens of times, and visited it twice in the six days before the crime.

The prosecution said, “We will do our best to ensure that a ‘heavy sentence commensurate with the crime’ is sentenced by actively maintaining the prosecution,” and “We will take strict action against sexual violence crimes and copycat crimes that threaten daily life and create anxiety, while at the same time, we will do our best to ensure that the bereaved family is subject to criminal procedures.” “We will do our best to protect and support victims, including guaranteeing their rights,” he said.

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