“Samsung’s ‘secret weapon’ was kept hidden” and will it finally come out in January next year?

“Galaxy, Galaxy Watch is next, Galaxy Ring… “Is there a ‘Smart Ring’ made by Samsung?”

There are predictions that Samsung Electronics will unveil a ‘smart ring’ in the form of a ring worn on the finger in January next year. It is expected to further strengthen personalized health services by expanding the existing wearable product line from smart watches to smart rings.

On the 12th, IT media GSM Arena reported that Samsung Electronics may unveil the ‘Galaxy Ring’ at an unpack event showcasing the Galaxy S24 series next year, citing the claims of famous foreign tipster (information leaker) ‘Ice Universe’ . Ice Universe recently mentioned the possibility of unveiling the Galaxy Ring on

his social networking service ( SNS ), saying, “(Galaxy Ring) will be a key product that surpasses the Galaxy S24 series,” and added, “Samsung also has high expectations for this product. “I know,” he said.

Samsung Electronics is said to have already completed preparations for mass production of the Galaxy Ring. However, it has been reported that the attempt to introduce health management functions to the Galaxy Ring is being delayed due to regulatory issues. The Galaxy Ring is expected to retain the health management functions currently supported by the Galaxy Watch.

Hon Park, head of the digital health team at Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Experience ( MX ) division, said at a meeting last May, “Samsung Health is developing into a hub that connects Galaxy technology and user health, and not only smart watches but also a wide range of wearable devices such as rings and earbuds. “We are looking at it comprehensively,” he said. Some predict that

the Galaxy Ring will be equipped with a battery that can be used for up to 10 days, a PPG (photoplethysmography) sensor, an optical heart rate monitor, and an electrocardiogram ( ECG ) sensor. In addition, with its small ring-shaped design, it is predicted that it will be popular with users who were previously reluctant to wear watches.

Samsung Electronics is known to have already메이저사이트 started developing smart rings several years ago. Samsung Electronics has applied for trademarks considering wearable products such as Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Index, Galaxy Circle, Galaxy One, and Galaxy Insight at home and abroad.

Previously , the trademark for ‘Galaxy Ring’ was registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ) in February . Samsung Electronics raised expectations for the commercialization of the smart ring by adding the explanation that it is “a wearable device in the form of a smart ring for tracking, measuring, and monitoring health, fitness, and sleep-related information.”

Samsung Electronics subsequently registered the trademark for ‘Galaxy Circle’ with the Korean Intellectual Property Office in July. The industry expects Samsung Electronics to introduce next-generation wearable products that are strong in connectivity with smartphones, starting with the smart ring.

Apple is also focusing on developing smart rings. Last April, a patent application was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ) for a skin-to-skin contact detection system believed to be the ‘App Ring’. Although specific functions were not introduced, it appears that the Apple Ring can be used in conjunction with other Apple devices.

Regarding the wearable device market, IT media Sam Mobile predicted, “It could be a smart ring, a smart bracelet, or even a virtual reality ( VR ) controller and smart glasses.”

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