He is a strategist who once coached Messi… Heavily criticized as “the worst manager of my life”

Suso (29), a key player in Sevilla’s UEFA Europa League (UEL) victory last season, fiercely criticized coach Jorge Sampaoli (63, Argentina). He described it as ‘the worst’ director he had ever met.

In an interview with Spanish media 스포츠토토‘Canal Sur’ on the 14th (Korean time), Suso said, “The best coach is Luis Enrique (53, Spain), whom I met on the national team. He is the best manager I have ever had. Who is the worst? “It’s Coach Sampaoli,” he criticized.

Suso, a former Spanish national team midfielder, had a difficult time at Sevilla in the early part of last season. Because his physical condition was not good, he spent a lot of time sitting on the bench. The situation did not change even after Coach Sampaoli took office in the middle of the season. Coach Sampaoli mainly used Suso as a replacement card and gave him only limited playing time.

Suso said, “I talked to general manager Monchi (54, Spain) and he asked what we should do. I have just returned from an ankle injury. “It would have been easiest for him to say he was leaving the team, but he said that I would last longer than Coach Sam Paoli at Sevilla and eventually play,” he said.

He continued, “It was an ugly moment. “Coach Sampaoli had a good concept, but it wasn’t the right moment,” he said. “If that had been the plan, I wouldn’t have said anything, but it wasn’t the right tactic at the time and it didn’t work out.”

Coach Sampaoli made headlines by leading the Chilean national team to the Copa America title in 2015. By defeating Lionel Messi (36, Inter Miami)’s Argentina, Chile became the best team in South America. Afterwards, he played for Sevilla and then took charge of the Argentina national team and participated in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Coach Sampaoli took over the reins of his former team, which was in crisis, in October last year.

However, Coach Sampaoli pushed Sevilla into an abyss with his stubborn management. In the end, he left the team after 5 months and came to a miserable end. Suso, who had been ignored by Coach Sampaoli, became the winner by taking over his starting position after Coach Sampaoli left, as he said.

Coach Jose Mendilivar (62, Spain), Coach Sampaoli’s successor, entrusted Suso to lead the attack. Suso, whose playing time increased, regained his good days, including an equalizer against Juventus in the second leg of the UEL semifinals, and helped Sevilla win their 7th UEL title.

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