A father who was on his way to deliver tteokbokki to feed his family got caught on a bus that violated a red light…

Yesterday (17th), in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, a motorcycle delivery man lost his life after being hit by a bus that ran against a red light. However, it turned out that this delivery man was a man in his 60s who was carrying a delivery truck to support his wife and daughter, and was on his way to deliver tteokbokki when the accident occurred.

This is reporter Eunjin Lee.


Children are gathered at the crosswalk at the intersection.

When the signal changes, pedestrians cross the street and motorcycles enter the intersection.

However, the city bus going straight ahead does not slow down.

It runs straight ahead and collides with the motorcycle.

The bus that hit the motorcycle at this intersection continued 5 meters further and stopped only after passing the crosswalk.

The motorcyclist was thrown about 10 meters온라인카지노 and the motorcycle was dragged under the bus.

This bus was traveling at the same speed 10 meters before the accident.

You could have collided with citizens crossing the crosswalk.

[Accident witness: When I got out after hearing a ‘bang’, the window of the bus crashed into the bus and all of it was broken, and the man was blown away and fell to the ground.] The

bus driver in his 50s and the four passengers were not seriously injured.

The motorcycle delivery man, in his 60s, was taken to the hospital but died.

Helmets and other protective gear were of no help.

[Police official: It was a violation. I thought I could cross without accident because the light was yellow… ]

The deliveryman who died was the head of the household who took care of his wife and daughter.

On this day too, I was on my way to receive and deliver tteokbokki.

[Police official: When older people say, ‘Mister, please do the delivery,’ they get it for a cheaper price… ]

The bus driver stated that he “did not see the motorcycle.”

Due to a moment of carelessness, the father who was trying to protect his family cannot return home.

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