‘Jing Man’ Hwang Cheol-sun’s wife confesses divorce proceedings… “Criticize me as an extramarital woman”

It has been reported that health trainer Hwang Cheol-sun안전놀이터, widely known as ‘Jing Man’ through the tvN comedy program ‘Comedy Big League’, is taking divorce proceedings after three years of marriage. In a recent post on social media

, Hwang’s wife, Jiyeon-ah, said, “I hope it ends as soon as possible. Everything is done legally and on paper.” She added, “I forgot about it for a while, but as the mediation date approaches, I’m shocked to hear such nonsense again.” Mr. Hwang and Mr. Ji got married in 2020 and have two children. Her wife Ji also claimed that she had suffered domestic violence. He refuted the allegations of infidelity by saying, “You assaulted me and said you hit me because I had an affair? Did I have an affair? Did I go out and meet someone? Are you making me into an affair?” Previously, in March, a video showing Hwang assaulting her wife Ji was released, causing a stir. Regarding this, her wife, Ji, explained at the time, “If it had been true, she would have reported it to the police or reported it to the media,” and Hwang claimed that it was “a self-made play.” Ms. Ji said that her husband, Mr. Hwang, did not pay her child support properly and that she said, “You never once contacted me about how the children were doing.” Mr. Ji said, “There is nothing I haven’t tried while living with you.

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