Lydia Go “Welcome, Tanghulu!”… Lee Min-ji and Park Ji-young, “There is no difference in skill between LPGA and KLPGA tour players, everyone is a candidate for the championship.”

 “Welcome, Tanghulu.”

Former world number one Lydia Go (26, Hana Financial Group) is a Korean food enthusiast. He is famous for not eating in-flight meals whenever he visits Korea once or twice a year. He said, “You have to come hungry to eat a lot of delicious Korean food. “There was a time when the flight attendant thought I was sick because I kept not eating the in-flight meal,” he said with a laugh.

Lydia Go said at the media day for the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Hana Financial Group Championship (total prize money of 1.5 billion won) held at Hana Global Campus in Cheongna International City, Incheon on the 20th, “I eat three meals a day, but this time I am eating four or five meals. Western food also tastes better when eaten in Korea. “I can eat pizza here, which I don’t normally eat,” she said with a laugh.

“Foreigners think that Korean food is only Korean BBQ,” said Lydia Go, who laughed and said, “I have the taste of an old man,” such as Cheonggukjang, soy sauce crab paste, and monkfish stew. “I want to break this prejudice,” she said.

In this competition in 2021, he said, “You can eat as many Myeongnang hot dogs a day” as it became a hot topic, and during the competition, the Myeongnang hot dog food truck distributed free hot dogs to the players. He said, “I was so grateful. Since then, every time I come to Korea, I joke, ‘What kind of food should I say I want to eat this time?’” he said, expressing his anticipation(?).

As I was leaving, I asked what food I wanted to eat during this year’s competition. He said, “Hotteok is good on rainy days,” and “I heard that the weather will warm up during the competition, so I think cool bubble tea would be good too.” He then said, “I walk and play all day, so I don’t have to worry about calories. I wish Tanghulu would come. “Welcome, Tang Hulu,” he said, sending his colleagues into a sea of ​​laughter.

In this tournament, players who are active on the LPGA Tour, including Lydia Go, Lee Min-ji (27) and Patty Tabatanakit (24, Hana Financial Group), will participate. Since it is held as part of the Ladies Asian Tour (LAT) series, an Asian women’s tour, players from various countries in Asia also participated.

Defending champion Kim Su-ji (27, Dongbu Construction)카지노사이트, who participated in the media day, said, “I had the opportunity to play a round with LPGA tour players, including Lee Min-ji. “I will do my best to defend my title, but I want to use this as an opportunity to make up for my shortcomings while watching the LPGA tour players play,” he expressed his expectations.Lee Ye-won, who is about to surpass 1 billion won in prize money for the season, also said, “It is an honor to play with Lydia Ko, whom I only saw on TV. “My goal is to grow little by little in each tournament, and in this tournament, I will also focus on finding ways to improve myself through the play of players on the LPGA Tour,” he said.Because it is an international competition atmosphere, interest is also focused on the difference in skill between LPGA Tour and KLPGA Tour players. Lee Min-ji and Tabatanakit said, “I heard that the KLPGA Tour is a very solid place. “When you actually play a tournament, it is difficult to feel the difference in skill between the KLPGA Tour and LPGA Tour players,” he said. “Because they are not active on the KLPGA Tour, it is difficult for them to win domestic tournaments even if they are the top rankers on the LPGA Tour. This means that competitiveness is outstanding. He emphasized, “The KLPGA Tour players are also talented enough to challenge for the championship on the LPGA Tour as long as they adapt to different cultures and environments.”This means that although there must be competition on the field, a culture of respect for the tour between the two countries has already been formed. Park Ji-young (27, Korea Land Trust) said, “I have the impression that LPGA tour players are superior in terms of play style and short game ability. He expressed his respect by saying, “It’s just that the odds are lower because I only participate in the KLPGA Tour once in a while, but if a full season tournament is held, I think the top rankers on the LPGA Tour will easily win a lot of games on the KLPGA Tour.”

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