I was robbed of 1.3 billion won while going golfing in Southeast Asia… Turns out it was a ‘prostitution blackmail trap’ scam.

A group of people who extorted a large amount of money from a businessman who went on a trip with golf club members to Southeast Asia by making it look like he was caught in a prostitution crackdown스포츠토토 was caught by the police.

He took 1.3 billion won, saying he would be released only if he gave the money to the local police, but it turned out that the golf club president had planned it.

Reporter Seo-Hyeon Yoo reports.

A bundle of money is placed in front of the bank teller, and

the man sitting in front puts the bundle of money handed to him by the bank teller in a paper bag and quietly disappears.

They are taking money stolen from a businessman in his 60s who was traveling overseas.

Mr. Park, a 63-year-old golf club president, proposed a golf trip to Cambodia to a member, a businessman in his 60s.

A businessman who went on a trip together last July was suddenly arrested by local police at the golf course.

There was no doubt that people who looked like real police officers stormed in and took them to the real local police station.

However, it was all planned by Chairman Park, who mobilized people.

Mr. Park extorted 1.3 billion won, saying he needed money to stop the local investigation.

[Jang Bo-eun/Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency International Crime Investigation Division 1 Chief: I think he was arrested on charges of prostitution. If he goes to the prosecution, he could face 5 to 10 years in prison locally. He went back and forth and caught wind of it all together.]

When the victim suspected that the amount was too large, he even returned 500 million won.

However, in the end, we were caught in the investigation by our police who received the report.

The police arrested four participants, including Mr. Park, and booked three others.

The police placed an Interpol Red Notice on the Korean broker who introduced locals presumed to be police officers, and requested an international joint investigation with the Cambodian National Police Agency for the locals.

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