“Do I even have to apologize for being bitten by a mosquito?” Daycare teacher’s complaint

The last keyword is ‘mosquito’.

Recently, a story was posted about 스포츠토토a daycare center receiving complaints from parents about ‘mosquitoes’, sparking controversy.

This is a post posted on an internet community.

The author, who is believed to be a daycare teacher, confessed that despite all efforts, children sometimes get bitten by mosquitoes, which is why parents are experiencing difficulties by filing complaints.

The child gets angry because he or she was bitten by a mosquito.

The writer complained, “Do I even have to apologize for being bitten by a mosquito?” and “I wonder if this is the right job for me.”

You might wonder if something like this actually happens, but if you look at the actual cases of violation of teaching rights announced by a teachers’ organization, there is a similar case.

When a child was bitten by a mosquito at a kindergarten in Seoul, a parent protested, asking, “What did the teacher do in the classroom?”

The care and concern for children is no different for parents and teachers.

It has been an issue keyword so far.

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