Parents of Nonghyup deputy branch managers who received 500,000 won each out of a teacher’s salary of 2 million won… ‘On standby order’ at work

A parent who had repeatedly filed malicious complaints against Lee Young-seung, a teacher at Howon Elementary School in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, and even collected medical expenses, was placed on a waiting list at work.

According to Nonghyup on the 22nd, Parent A was placed on standby and suspended ex officio as of the 19th. He was the deputy branch manager of a local agricultural cooperative in Seoul.

Nonghyup said it has begun an investigation into the matter and is considering disciplinary action based on the results of the investigation. An official from the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation said, “I understand that regional Agricultural Cooperatives are holding토토사이트 a countermeasures meeting regarding the incident.”

Earlier, when Mr. A’s identity was revealed online, protests poured in at the local Nonghyup in Seoul, where he is known to work.

As of the 22nd, more than 550 posts demanding action against Mr. A were posted on the bulletin board of the local agricultural cooperative website. Netizens posted protests such as “I couldn’t leave my money to a bank with such a deputy manager, so I withdrew all my money,” and “Please fire the employee in question and make him formally investigate and pay the price.”

Condolence wreaths were also delivered to the relevant Nonghyup branch. The condolence wreath contained phrases such as “A murderer who robbed and killed a teacher,” “Bank president, work with good people,” and “I plan to change my main bank with which I have done business for 30 years.”

According to the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education, Mr. A continued to file malicious complaints to the teacher in 2016 after his child injured his hand while cutting a plastic bottle with a cutter knife during class.

The injured child received treatment expenses of about 1.4 million won on two occasions from the Gyeonggi Province School Safety Mutual Aid Association, but Mr. A continued to contact the teacher while he was serving in the military and even after he was discharged and returned to work and demanded compensation. This teacher eventually gave Mr. A a total of 4 million won, 500,000 won per month, as his own money for 8 months from April 2019.

After confirming that the teacher violated educational activities, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education requested the Uijeongbu Police to investigate three parents, including Mr. A, on charges of obstruction of business.

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