‘I see a direct route to KS’ LG, will it be a real match against the 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 champions?

 Currently, the undisputed number one in the league is LG. LG, which has played 128 games, is alone in the lead with 78 wins, 48 ​​losses, and 2 draws (winning percentage .619). Second-place KT is trailing with 73 wins, 56 losses, and 3 draws (winning percentage .566), but the gap between the two teams has not narrowed in 6.5 games.

LG’s magic number has already been reduced to 10. As of now, unless there is an upset, LG’s regular season victory is certain. LG has never had a chance to win since winning the regular season and Korean Series championship in 1994. The moment that has been waiting for 29 years is getting closer.

LG has 16 games remaining. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop always emphasized, “88 wins are a safe bet to win the regular season.” If they win just 10 games in the remaining games, they can reach the level of stability that coach Yeom Kyung-yeop mentioned.

If the KBO league ends the season like this, tickets to fall baseball will go into the hands of LG, KT, NC, Doosan, and SSG. 6th place KIA is chasing them, but they are not in an advantageous position due to injuries to key players.

Is it a trick of fate? In the postseason, LG must compete against one of the 2019 Korean Series winners Doosan, the 2020 Korean Series winners NC, the 2021 Korean Series winners KT, and the 2022 Korean Series winners SSG.

There may be pressure in that LG has not advanced to the Korean Series since 2002, while its opponent has experience winning the Korean Series. This is because it is a different stage from the regular season.

Of course, LG has been consistently participating in fall baseball since 2019. Last year, we set a new club record by advancing to the postseason for the fourth consecutive year. It can be said that he has steadily gained experience in fall baseball. However, it seemed like they were unable to get over the hurdle every time in the postseason.

In particular, in 2021, it finished the regular season in 3rd place and advanced to the semi-playoffs, but lost 메이저놀이터1 win and 2 losses to Doosan, which came up after the wild card game. Last year, it also took 2nd place in the regular season, making it more confident than ever to advance to the Korean Series. Expectations were high, but they had to accept the shocking result of losing 1 win and 3 losses to Kiwoom, who came up after a fierce battle in the 5th game of the semi-playoffs. It suffered an ‘upset’ for two consecutive years.

In the KBO league, which has a tiered postseason, the team that ranks high in the regular season is bound to have an advantage. If LG cannot rest assured even if they finish second in the regular season and advance directly to the playoffs, the best way is to win the regular season and get a direct ticket to the Korean Series. This year, LG is cruising along like that.

KT, NC, Doosan, and SSG, which are likely to be LG’s fall baseball partners, all have something in common: they won the combined championships in the 2019-2022 regular season and the Korean Series. The ‘advantage’ of being ranked first in the regular season is significant.

If it had already been 1994, the pennant race would have ended. At the time, it was a 126-game system, but now it is a 144-game system. This year, with particularly heavy rain, many games were canceled due to rain, so the regular season schedule is getting longer. Will LG be able to win the regular season and earn a direct ticket to the Korean Series? In the fall baseball season, there is great interest in whether the long-awaited ‘moment’ will become a reality by competing against teams that have recently won championships.

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