What the winning North Korean athlete did when the South Korean athlete who lost a bout of judo approached him

Kim Cheol-gwang, a member of North메이저사이트 Korea’s judo team who attended the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games that opened on the 23rd, defeated South Korea’s Kang Heon-cheol in the round of 16 of the men’s 73kg judo class held at Linfu Gymnasium in Xiaoshan, China on the 25th and advanced to the quarterfinals.

After a close match, just before the end of the game, Kim Cheol-gwang defeated Kang Heon-cheol in a round of missed shots.

After the referee declared victory, Kang Heon-cheol, who had lost, first approached Kim Cheol-gwang and asked to shake his hand. However, Kim Cheol-gwang shook it off and walked out of the court.

In judo, it is common for two athletes to shake hands, bow to each other, and then leave. Usually, the winner approaches the opponent before the loser and says hello.

However, this time, even though the loser, Kang Heon-cheol, approached first and shook hands, the winner, Kim Cheol-gwang, turned away. Kang Heon-cheol looked at Kim Cheol-gwang’s back and then turned around.

Like other sports, judo is a sport that places particular importance on etiquette, and the situation on this day was a rare scene.

In particular, Kim Cheol-gwang has experience playing in the past with Korean players on a unified North and South Korean team.

It appears that Kim Cheol-gwang’s actions on this day were not done at the team level. North Korea’s Moon Seong-hee, who defeated Han Hee-ju ( KH Feelux) in the round of 16 of the 70kg class held in the morning of the same day, extended her hand first and asked for a handshake.

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