Grizzly bear eating black bear, “I want to taste meat for the first time in a while.”

‘Wake up, the morning sun has risen, let’s go see a friend~’

If you are in your mid-30s or so, the lyrics that start like this may bring back vague memories. This is the theme song of ‘Winnie the Pooh’, which attracted children to the TV screen through ‘Disney Cartoon Garden’ on public TV on Sunday morning. There are many types of bears in the world, but what kind of bear is Pooh? This is an American black bear (hereinafter referred to as black bear). It is said that the original author got inspiration for the character from Winnie, a black bear at the London Zoo. ‘Winnie’, which came across the Atlantic Ocean, is said to have been given that name because its place of origin is Winnipeg, Canada. In the cartoon, Pooh lives a life two billion times happier than Panda Fu Bao. Even though they search for honey all day, are lazy, and do all kinds of mischief, everything is forgiven because they are cute, and the 100-acre forest is not so peaceful that it is boring. Unfortunately, this is not the case with black bears in the wild. Today, we will first watch a video showing the final fate of a poor black bear who met the cruelest fate.Black bears, which live throughout Canada and parts of the United States, are majestic beasts and fearsome hunters, even though they are omnivores. They prey on not only squirrels and salmon, but sometimes even mountain maniacs armed with sharp thorns. The majestic black bear, which seemed invincible, was reduced to prey and became a tragic figure. I was also mistakenly caught by a high-ranking member of the same bear family. This monster that viciously bites the limp body of a black bear is a grizzly bear (aka grizzly), a type of brown bear.Since the limp body barely moves, it appears that the body has already lost its soul. Despite already overwhelming the black bear with its incomparable physical superiority, the grizzly bear irritably bites, tears, scratches, and tramples the black bear’s body, seemingly dissatisfied with it. A Canadian resident named Susan Griffith posted a video to Facebook on August 31st that she took while driving along the border between British Columbia and Alberta. It is difficult to fully understand how this poor black bear ended up as a mere piece of meat and what the direct cause of the slaughter was. However, many who watched the video, including the hunting magazine ‘Fields and Streams’ that analyzed this video, suggest that the black bear was hunted directly by the grizzly bear, and that the grizzly bear eventually ate the black bear. It’s impossible to say for sure, but based on the opinions of many, it seems highly likely that cannibalism occurred within the bear kingdom.

The grizzly bear is the greatest beast of prey in North America, eating everything from tree nuts and grass roots to rodents, deer, salmon, and even rotting animal carcasses. They are also notorious for being rough and vicious. Judging from the black bear’s body, it appears that it was a young bear that had not yet fully grown, and therefore lacked the know-how to quickly escape, such as climbing a tree. That’s how the black bear ended its short life. On the other hand, the grizzly bear, which was covered in scabs from greens, fish pieces, and rotten bones, must have filled its stomach with fresh meat that it had just caught for the first time in a long time. The black bear’s tough meat and soft intestines would have provided a solid source of calories for the grizzly bear to survive the winter. The wild is a place where the strong survive and those who survive are strong.It’s just something that was luckily captured on a cell phone screen, but it’s not uncommon for a grizzly bear to kill and eat a black bear. There is no wild animal on the North American continent that can surpass the grizzly bear. Grizzly bears are also adept at plundering, easily taking away large herbivores such as moose, which wolves collaboratively take down. They are also experts at cost-effective hunting that consumes less energy and catches prey. A representative example is the attack on a black bear den. They attack the den of a delicate black bear still protected by its mother. Even if the mother black bear puts up a tearful resistance, it will not be easy for her to overcome this cruel attack. It kills two birds with one stone, kills three birds with one stone, kills four birds with one stone, and fills the grizzly bear’s stomach with the number of cubs in the den. Would you like to see a video of a grizzly bear attacking a black bear den where it

By a split second, the black bear cubs were not caught in the sharp grizzly teeth or claws. As the grizzly bear, unable to overcome his anger, leaves the scene wheezing, the distraught black bear cubs come out of the den and run wild, giving a glimpse of the heartless and ruthless rules of hierarchy in the wild. The black bear cubs that managed to survive must have honed their survival skills. While the black bear cub and its mother are risking their lives within range of the grizzly’s claws and teeth, where on earth is the father and what is he doing? Unfortunately, in the world of most bears, there is no such thing as a father. There are only males who sow seeds according to their instincts. The female takes care of all childcare, including carrying the young in her womb, giving birth, raising them, and teaching them the rules of survival. Even if it is a relationship between father and cub that has inherited the bloodline, the moment they encounter each other in the wild, they become targets of scary monsters and pitiful slaughter. You can’t blame these males for their heartlessness. The genes of the animal called the bear itself are programmed to live that way.

s cubs were curled up?So, shall we summarize the hierarchy of the bear tribe at this point? Ultra Cap-chan is, after all, a polar bear. In proportion to his absolute strongest physique, represented by a head-to-body length of nearly 3m and a shoulder height of 1.6m, his power is also the best in his class. It is difficult for other bears to even imitate the extreme hunting method of striking a seal’s head as it comes up to breathe through a hole in the ice with its front paws, smashing its skull and staining the white ice with fresh blood. The undisputed number two that follows is the brown bear, to which the grizzly bear belongs. Brown bears are the most widely distributed among bears, spanning North America, Siberia, the Kamchatka Peninsula, the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, Europe, and Central Asia. Due to their unique appetite and viciousness, they constantly cause cannibalism incidents all over the world that we cannot even bear to think about. Next is the black bear. So, the difference in power between classes is so great that even the immovable Number Three can be consumed as food for Number Two. Below, there are small and medium-sized bears that may look like ‘unlikely bears’ to the eyes of these advanced bears. The black bear, a species endemic to East Asia, the sloth bear, a native bear토토사이트 of India, the spectacled bear, the only bear in South America, the Malay bear (sun bear), which is addicted to honey and has an appetite very similar to that of Pooh, and the panda, whose popularity is incomparable to others. Yes. Body size, appetite, fighting power, and the proportion of meat in the overall diet are roughly directly proportional.The bear family forms the four major branches of the Carnivora family, a family of wild beasts, along with the canine family, which includes wolves and foxes, the cat family, which includes lions, tigers, and leopards, and the weasel family, which includes otters, wolverines, and martens. . Their characteristic feature is that they actively prey on their own kind even within the clan. For example, the coyote, the powerful canine family in North America, snatches foxes in the wild and companion dogs when they come down to urban areas and eats them as if they were turning a blind eye. Dog eats dog. What about cats? Leopards, known for their tenacious vitality, often attack smaller cats and wild animals, such as cheetahs or servals, when hunting herbivores is not possible, digging up their fur with similar patterns and gorging themselves on their blood and flesh. Are bears any different? Regarding grizzly bear predation on black bears, Dr. Chris Servin of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said this: “The purpose of a grizzly bear attacking a black bear is simple. Since you caught it, you eat it. “Catching and eating is a natural process.”Even today, wild animals continue their life-long fight to eat and be eaten in a hell that is completely different from the fantasy world created by humans. It is refreshing to be in the position of a human watching the fight between predator and prey from afar. This is a world where the battles of monsters who risk their lives in the wild every day and engage in a desperate struggle for survival are filmed using cutting-edge equipment and shared with all mankind through the Internet. In terms of physical strength alone, humans are weak beings who cannot even compete with the ‘unlikely bears’ listed above. We feel awe at the existence of humans, armed with intellectual ability and ethics, who control the beast world. Based on that ability, we hope to exert a ‘good influence’ on the natural world.

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